Alternative names: BioShock

Game BioShock - project by 2K Boston , which is a first-person shooter with RPG elements. Users have to go back to the fictional world and plunge into exciting adventures. The plot tells the story of the development of instantaneous and not less rapid fall extraordinary underwater city of Rapture. Its creator wanted to gather under its banner unique personalities, the most talented people who deserve to live in a free society. According to the plan ambitious millionaire Andrew Ryan and this unique habitat for men of genius was to be a new type of society literally. Ryan believed that incompetent people have no place in such a marvelous corner of the ocean floor. And like at first everything was going according to plan, Nutty businessman managed to create the desired idyll. But very soon the first problems appeared. There is nothing strange that in an ideal society, no one appeared to cook a meal, engage in repair work, cleaning and taking care of other household needs. This situation has given rise to the emergence of a black market. A ban on contact with the outside world only made the problem worse. Here also intervened case that led to the final fall of utopia. Discovery of a substance called ADAM becomes fatal moment. Substance produced by mollusks, as learned German geneticist Brigid Tenenbaum, can give people superhuman strength. Desire to own this substance leads to a split society. Now even the creator of the city abandoned the idea to support wound before laws. Greed clouding the mind, because the production of a preparation containing a valuable substance brings fabulous profits! What does all this lead? Learn about this and will be able to intervene in what is happening, everyone who solved download BioShock.

Run on your video monitor BioShock, you will appear in the game world as Jack, who is the only survivor of the crash of a passenger airliner. Jack accidentally falls into the underwater world and here in touch with him comes a man named Atlas - the leader of the Resistance. Atlas heads of those who dared to fight against the power of Ryan and he is now ready to help Jack get used to this world, waiting for a sign of gratitude newcomer participation in those operations to be carried out to avenge the brazen host city. Jack learns the incredible story of Adam and substance of how a Frank Fontaine established company engaged in the development of a series of genetic modifications called "plasmids." Use of these substances has a population of irreparable consequences. Not only that these products contain the above ADAM, so they are still irresistible cause dependence. The need for more of the drug is increasing every day and then graduation Brigid Tenenbaum learned one juicy detail. If you put the clam in the human body, it begins to produce 10-20 times more valuable substance. And as required for such an operation body, destitute, helpless orphans Frank Fontaine did hosts shellfish that have become implanted in the abdominal cavity girls. Having learned all this, Jack faces a choice: to help restore the humanity of little sister or kill them, thus extracting ADAM unfortunate. From this decision will ultimately depend on ending the game.


Of course, you have a logical question arises as BioShock play? So, a couple of words about the gameplay. You will be as Jack travel to locations, and then fighting off a hostile population. When was the whole story of Adam, many villagers at the bottom Atlantic mutated. It is with these mutants has to fight the main character. Also, the game involves collecting bioshoke weapons kits and plasmids. Without dedicated resources to survive is simply impossible. During the gameplay you have the ability to improve your character. Those who take BioShock pc download, you should know one more thing. The game includes three difficulty levels, namely, easy, medium and hard. They differ in that increases the vulnerability of the hero, and the opponents are getting stronger. So it pays to be prepared for some difficulties. But as it is interesting to go through all the tests and to achieve the desired! Since you chose to download Bioshock, do not hesitate a moment longer. Regret this choice is not necessary, because the game will bring a lot of exciting leisure and rich emotions!

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