Bioshock Infinite

Alternative names: Bioshock Infinite, bioshok

Game Bioshock Infinity is a very interesting computer game. Actions in this game are the first person. It is designed with elements of science fiction and steampunk.

Download Bioshock Infinity you can from the official website of the game, pre-filing application site administrators. Download Bioshock Infinite can only grown people who live in certain areas of our planet.

You can see the pro game Bioshock Infinite video online games. In the videos you can get acquainted with all the features of the game: characters, gameplay, and other interesting facts about the game.

The game Bioshock Infinite You can play the following characters:

1. Booker DeWitt is the protagonist of the game. He looks 38 years NIL, white male. By itself it is not a sociable character. He is represented on one hand tattoo - a symbol «AD». The initials of his beloved daughter. He needs to pay all gambling debts. To do this, it needs to send to Colombia, in order to find a mysterious girl, whose name was Elizabeth.

2. Elizabeth - this is a girl of twenty. She has supernatural abilities. She was kidnapped and imprisoned in a tower "Lamb" in Colombia. Elizabeth protects special winged machine Nightingale. It very rapidly perceives everything around, because for a long time in my life spent locked up. Elizabeth is a very well-read woman. Her dream - it is going to Paris. In the end, learns that she is the daughter of Booker.

3. Zachary Hale Comstock is an antagonist of the game. He is the founder and self-proclaimed leader of the beautiful Columbia. His nickname - a prophet. In the end, it kills the protagonist.

4. Nightingale - that's 30 - foot mobile air mechanical birdlike machine. It protects Elizabeth. Nightingale arrives only when he hears a special melody of the flute. As a result, Nightingale dies, the exact time and place is not known.

5. Daisy Fitzroy is a dark-skinned American game. She is the leader of the rebel organization "Voice of the People." During the game, it requires the protagonist to provide them with weapons, and in return he get the airship. Her killing Elizabeth.

6. Cornelius Slate is a plot character. Previously, he served with the main character. Now he is wanted for power caused the rebellion. As conceived by the main character in the game will require him one thing. In the end he had to decide: leave Cornelius live or killed.

7. Jeremiah Fink is one of the most rich and powerful people of Colombia. He was the founder of "Finca Manufactory." Daisy Fitzroy shot him during the rebellion.

8. Robert and Rosalind Lutece - they are two very mysterious character. They organized a visit to the town of DeWitt.

Game Bioshock Infinite has a huge number of different puzzles and interesting facts:

- You can find additional items;

- The protagonist makes 122 times as much as Elizabeth;

- Hidden set of cartridges.

In the game Bioshock Infinite pc, you will learn how you have to be resourceful.

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