Alternative names: BiteFight 1. County

BiteFight online - is a free role-playing browser game related to the genre of PTG (Period time Games), that is, the game can be shut on and off at any time, and all the character's actions will be, carried out within a certain time. Online game BiteFight, talks about the eternal confrontation between vampires and werewolves.

BiteFight online game requires no client installation and games available in almost any browser.

In order to start playing the game to register BiteFight: on the home page click "Register" on the next page, choose for yourself one of the races (Vampires or Werewolves, they together do not differ much, except both in appearance and race icon produced food). Next, enter in the registration fields nick (name), password, and your e-mail. Then agree to the terms of service and protection of information, and that BiteFight Registration is finished, you can start playing.

Going into the game, click "Browse", you can make changes to your profile (choose the gender and customize appearance), look at the statistics, combat improvements, acquire talent.

Each character has certain abilities: Strength, Defense, Agility, Endurance, Charisma, experience and vitality. Besides abilities, there are eight aspects that describe the nature of the character: Man, Knowledge, Order, Nature, Beast, destruction, chaos and disintegration.

BiteFight online game has so-called Areas - is crystal balls, which can temporarily improve things. Effect acts on each piece of equipment, but if you change weapons during the action sphere, the effect will operate on the new weapon. With the help of some areas you can access talent.

Play the game online can BiteFight by purchasing a premium account (status Lord of Shadows). Due to this status:

1) There will be no third-party advertising media;

2) For activation, you will receive a daily fee gold;

3) Twice the regeneration of action points;

4) 50% more action points;

5) Advanced Search opponents;

6) Statistics hunting;

7) Additional potion 100% recovery of health;

8) Individual images of characters (to change their sex, color of skin and eyes, as well as many others. etc. )

9) 5 additional folders for your system messages.

Play BiteFight different things you can buy in-game currency: gold (base currency) and ignitsit / crystals (additional currency for it, by the way, you can buy the status of the Lord of Shadows, 14 days/15 ignitsita). Ignitsity can be purchased for the "real."

If you have the desire to change the race of this can be done with the help of Stone reincarnation (automatically leave your clan, and if you are the creator of the clan, he will be dismissed). Buy this stone can ignitsitov 50.

All actions, including the fight happen in the game using the game specific text boxes. Players do not affect the course of events in the game, all results are calculated automatically and displayed on the screen.

For the production of food and gold (it can be used to pump skills and improve their lair), you will need to go hunting

Manhunt - here you need to run around looking for people to get the desired experience, gold and mining;

Hunting for the opposite race - here you need to attack the players on the opposite race, where the winner get gold and experience, and for the loss - only lose gold.

Play the game online BiteFight, earning game currency necessary things and skills can be in such locations

Cemetery - You can send your character to work on time from 1 to 8 hours for gold and experience

Cave - here you can fight the demons, from 10 to 30 minutes (with a premium account - from 5 to 15 minutes), which is deducted from the time hunting

Market - here you can put their stuff on sale and buy them from other players (this is the only way to transfer things in the game). For offering for sale want to pay a little gold

Tavern - here you can take the quest, one of 4 levels (easy, medium, difficult and expert).

BiteFight Game 1. The county has a lot of interesting features. For example: you can play in BiteFight communicating with other players using the forum, but if you want to expand their capabilities, you can join a clan or create your own.

In general, the game is worthy of attention and BiteFight registration will open doors in her world!

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