Battle Heroes

Alternative names: Battle Heroes

Battle Heroes - free online browser game. Heroes Battle game developed by Snail Game, and invested in it all the strength and soul of every party. Here you implement yourself as a hero, while being representative of any race. No wonder the game has such a name. In general, you should feel all by yourself.

Before proceeding to the actual gameplay, we recommend to search the internet Battle Heroes video and view it, and having read another review submitted. Then you can move on site and free download Battle Heroes.

That's how fast you forwards in the world of fiction. The game Battle Heroes You'll play on behalf of the character of the race that you've chosen. And here they represented only four

• People;

• Elves;

• Barbara;

• Necromancers.

People - have average parameters, but they have a powerful army advanced. It is believed that people have the best and useful skills. Elaziya their kingdom.

Elves - developed skills and attack speed. having certain weapons can be trained in their use of it. Constitute State Welling.

Barbara - representatives physically strongest race. Heroes have the highest viability and attack. Previously, people were allies. Now a separate state.

Necromancers - representatives of the undead, the greatest magicians. Representatives cheap and have large stocks of health, and have excellent knowledge of the attack. Every day need fresh meat - attack people.

After selecting a character, no matter what race he belongs to, you revamping your selected lock. In the future, this is your house, the castle and the most important place in the game. You have to protect the castle by all means. Until you will win the other fortresses, and cherish them and still awake. But there is also the most important building - Capitol - when lifting his level, you can improve other buildings.

Also from the beginning you will pass test quests for beginners who already to show you the meaning of the game. And typing is a lot of experience, you will find the solution to some problem tasks, for sure the start of gameplay.

Throughout the game, you also collect important four types of resources: wood, ore, sulfur and crystals. During the game you will find some places on the map with large deposits of resources. And they'll constantly be in possession.

Battles take place gradually, step by step. Also has an automatic mode fights. It lasts about 3 minutes - 4. But during this time you can do their business or simply rest.

Play game Battle Heroes quite entertaining, especially if you do not forget to invite your friends. And to make the game even brighter and more exciting.

Graphics in the game, though not of the highest quality, but causes only positive emotions, the desire to not play. Sound good addition to a complete picture of the gameplay

Game Battle Heroes Online gives you the opportunity to feel like a hero, feel the power of which you are capable. So hurry to plunge into the world of the game Battle Heroes.

Happy you play!

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