Clash of the Titans

Alternative names: Clash of the Titans
Clash of the Titans game basis, which put old myths and legends of Scandinavia; these tales colorfully served in the new free MMORPG gameplay. The game's plot tells that once the gods of Asgard were defeated, then the world is in chaos, and there was a threat to its existence. From the outset, Clash of the Titans online shows epic battles of the time. You immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the troubled times and heroic legends for yourself can feel it all the time the legacy of the great empires. The game is riddled with spectacular scenery, exciting situations, enormous potential leveling characters, their weapons. All this and much more offers at your discretion BoT game. In the game you will speak as a defender of their lands, which all have been waiting for! You will become a guard of ownership from evil forces, constantly encroaching on them, try to do everything possible to the old terrible prophecy failed to come true. Choose a character, look and name it, and then submit the battle. For you to choose from will be offered more of the following characters: • skilful magician • daring robber • brave warrior Any of them to be the way to go for glory - it's up to you. Equip your character on the highest level, and then at the first opportunity tighten up his skills and gear for more power. Obviously, the more you are stronger, the easier it will be to defeat the enemy, and, therefore, inevitably bring victory! Make of your warrior of strongest fighter in the world! Clash of the Titans online game that will allow you to realize the ambition, all previously conceived desire. Try to gain as much experience as possible with numerous victories over their enemies, by questing. Victories you bring up a real fighting spirit and character. Create the best team of mercenaries, and she will honor you, make invincible. Of course, it is the one you will be much easier to deal with the monsters from hell. Open previously unexplored gaming experience! The control system in the game is quite simple and full of tips, so do not take a long time to comprehend it. Take part in the project may Titans online for free. To do this, just need any of the browsers go to the official site of the project and to register, it's simple enough to implement and easy, because the Russian-speaking menu. The whole procedure consists of the following items: You must specify your e-mail address; Specify the name of your character; Come up and enter your password; Repeat the password; Read and confirm your agreement with the user agreement; Click the Register button. You can start to play Clash of the Titans is waiting for you! Be sure that once proceed to the gameplay, all other things will go by the wayside, and you find yourself in a tight embrace of the plot. What could be better than a lesson that can win over a long time, bringing a lot of positive emotions !?
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