Alternative names: BlackShot

BlackShot game with cruel rules, which is written in the style shooter. In BlackShot online mercenary characters do anything to achieve their goal.

BlackShot Online game will take you back in time when the world will be in a state of chaos, all states will fight for resources.

You will carry out various missions, improve the skills of their hero. Your duty is to make his name in the game. In BlackShot you can play for free, the only thing that you will be able to spend money on weapons and other equipment.


To play BlackShot you need the following system settings of your computer or laptop

Processor: Intel Pentium, 2 GHz

Video: 256 MB

Memory: 512 MB

Internet: high-speed connection.


Register BlackShot performed on the official website of the game. To do this you need to:

1) go to the official website of the game.

2) Click the link «Sing up now».

3) Enter the username - the unique name by which you will be playing.

4) Invent and write password.

5) Repeat the password.

6) send e-mail.

7) Select from the dropdown list their country.

8) Dial code that is displayed on your screen.

9) Select from the dropdown list secret question.

10) Write the answer to the selected question.

11) If you want to receive messages on your e-mail about the changes in the game, put a tick in the appropriate box.

12) Read the License Agreement of the game and also to put a tick in the appropriate box. This you acknowledge that you agree with all the rules of the game.

13) Then click « Sing up now ».

Then you are given access to download games BlackShot online.


BlackShot Online game consists of the following mercenaries

1) Travis Benner. It is difficult imagine like a little Travis refused to battlefield during the war in beginning of December 2033. It was adopted, raised and trained of mercenaries in their underground command posts . Travis proved dangerous elite. Currently leads squad in battle.

2) Vanessa Green. Since her parents were killed free nukes during [ _25_] December 2033 Vanessa long ago learned control arming and is now one [_25_ ] leading mercenaries on the battlefield .

3) Adam Garcia. Longtime veteran nothing Adam not seen or heard . Said even once he army killed soldiers human clones fighting over the last decade making it one of the most respected mercenaries in this area. Merciless and fearless is experienced fighter is force majeure .

4) Kathy Finn. She was wife of former mercenary a plurality of loads experienced on the battlefield. But when her husband was killed defending it from nuclear destruction, this woman decided take their burning hatred, and go to the battlefield. The rest of her life history is silent.


World War has always been tough, people have lost loved ones, went to the front. Now you have the opportunity to feel tiny in those days, when the main thing was to survive.

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