Black City

Alternative names: Black Town

Black City online - free multiplayer role-playing game, which is set in post-apocalyptic world, in the style of cyberpunk. Black Town online will tell you about the world that survived the explosion of a supernova bomb. Those areas that survived were flooded. People have long lived in shelters, then the robots began to build new cities. Some people teleported to these cities, some decided to build their own.

Online game Black Town is optimized for Internet Explorer 6 browser. 0, so developers do not guarantee correct game in other browsers. Some additional program to install the game do not need to be downloaded.

Join Black City in the game takes a little time and takes you into a post-apocalyptic city. Up Black city require you to enter

- Authorization - the user name desired,

- Nickname - to display in the game under the same name you will know all the players,

- Password, repeat it,

- E-mail,

- Code from the image.

So you'll have to accept the user agreement and read the rules. Do not forget to include the appropriate box, whether you want to come you letter from the administration of the project and other players. Black City Online registration ends when you confirm your participation in the game by clicking the appropriate link in the email that comes to your specified email address.

Black City online game offers you to create your character with these initial characteristics:

- Force

- Endurance

- Intelligence,

- Good luck

- Agility.

These characteristics will increase depending on the experience that you gain. Just the experience will depend on how to grow your character's level. Characteristics also affect how much ammunition can transfer your character, what his impact force and defeat the enemy.

During the battle, when you play the game online Black City, on different parts of the opponent's body will appear figures. These figures show the percentage of destruction that you inflict it, as well as the probability of hitting. Of course, these figures do not take into account the fact that the enemy can use to dodge or counterattack. For that, you will destroy your opponent in the ring, you will earn bonuses and prize money. Blow to the head gives a double win.

Online game Black City has three kinds of battle depending on the distance

- If your opponent appears fist, this dogfight,

- Knife - combat melee weapon

- Gun - gun battle that affects the distance.

When you play the game online Black City and roam the grounds, then while your character can have three modes:

- Aggressive (red), which means that you want to fight with anyone who will meet and will attack without warning,

- Normal (yellow), for others it means that you will defend, and, on occasion, can attack this mode is enabled by default

- Peaceful (green) does not allow you to wait for an opponent's turn and go on about their business.

Black City online game thinks you lost the fight, if at the time you run it hit points or if you step to the last cell in the ring.

When you're playing in the Black City, the main fights will be on a special ring. They come in such species

- Duel, during which you will be able to fight with either another player or against the artificial intelligence, if you are not willing to fight there,

- One against all - for players with more experience, you are against the

- Team Battle - application for this fight beforehand served two groups of players,

- Chaos - every man for himself without any restrictions on the level of fighting, lasts as long as there will be one winner.

When you play in the Black City, you can get into the world of the future and become the strongest fighter out there.

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