Blocky farm

Alternative names: Blocks Farm, Minecraft Farm
Blocky Farm Game Farmer Tycoon 8-bit Style

Play the game Blocky Farm (Minecraft Farm) will appeal to those romantics who love fresh air and agriculture. What could be more beautiful than growing tasty and environmentally friendly vegetables, fruits and berries on your own land. From the barn comes the mooing of cows and the cry of a rooster; they wait for the owner to come and feed them and collect the gifts.

In this game you can build not only a small farm, but also build a real village that brings good income, sign contracts, go to the district center for the necessary products and join the farmers union. Players have many opportunities to realize themselves as a successful entrepreneur, starting from a small field, expand their ownership and build:

  • Several farms;
  • Engage in harvesting and forestry;
  • Construct production for processing products from the fields;
  • Open a chain of stores, and much more.

Game Blocky Farm (Minecraft Farm) an interesting economic strategy in which users can try themselves in the role of businessman. The correct distribution of resources and economic management will make the player a wealthy businessman with great influence in society like him, but less successful players. There are many opportunities in the game, to grow raw materials at your site, process it at the plants, go to the city and sell finished products on the market by setting the price yourself.

In order to start playing the game Blocky Farm registration is required. Passing it does not take much time, you need to fill in only three lines in the form. To come up with a name under which other users will see the player, perhaps it will become widely known throughout the virtual world. Enter an email address and create a password under which the system will remember your hero. After logging in, players will be able to enter their village from any computer, all achievements and successes will be saved.

Features in the game Blocky Farm

First time, having come to the open spaces of agricultural land, a novice will be met by an assistant, they will turn out to be a fairly reasonable pig. This character will tell the player about the main functions and the game menu. He will offer to buy the first field and will help you find a bus stop going to the nearest city. There, the same boar will introduce the player to the seed seller and explain how to make purchases. A little training will end quickly, and the player will remain the boss himself.

As you progress through the levels in the iPlayer Blocky Farm (Minecraft Farm), the player will open up new opportunities, for example, at the second level you can already build a house, then take up cattle breeding, and eventually begin to build production facilities. The first will be available production of mayonnaise, subsequently the entrepreneur will make all kinds of products from milk, meat and wool of fur animals. By opening logging, you can further expand the range of products and arrange the production of building materials, containers or souvenirs. The authors made sure that the tasks of the players were in abundance. For completing quests, users will receive experience stars, this helps to move to the next levels and cash rewards. Performing special tasks will allow you to get rare animals and unique decor items.

The Blocky Farm game is more interesting to play with friends, you can unite with them in guilds, enter into trading contracts or ask for help if difficult times have come. The menu has a button with a mailbox, with its help players can send messages to each other, and receive news from developers.

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