Alternative names: Bloodmoon

Bloodmoon online - fantastic browser-based multiplayer role-playing game. Project of Playa Games GmbH in popular style Vampires delight users primarily realism. Thanks to high-quality 2D graphics zipping events before you literally breathtaking, because it seems that everything is really going on. Bloodmoon starting to play, you will plunge into the whirlpool of unforgettable adventures. You expect a bloody battle taking place around the world. Many real players are your potential adversaries, so that a problem with whom to fight will never occur. In addition, you will be compared with the hated enemy forces, to go a huge amount of dangerous tests. Great variety of the most diverse quests will not let you sit around for a minute. Performing various tasks, so you develop and grows stronger. Starting inexperienced fighter your way in this muddled world, soon will be able to take pride and glory, and potential opportunities. Thousands of players around the world have joined the project. Do not lose the same time and you wonder! Spend your leisure rich!

It should be noted that the system requirements do not become a hindrance to the implementation of the ambitious plans. You can pass the gameplay even with minimum computer configuration. Of course, provided that the PC is connected to the Internet, but also a modern browser. Moreover, nothing to install and do not have to be downloaded. Door to the gloomy world of open Bloodmoon simple registration. To create an account, just fill in a few fields corresponding form. Enter your user name, email address, password. By the way, you should be entirely agree with the rules and general provisions of the draft once already decided to play Bloodmoon.

So, what is required from novice Bloodmoon game in the first place? Naturally, select the appropriate class. Blood Moon game proposes to use these classes as vampires, werewolves and hunters. Each faction has its own characteristics and, of course, different desires. They also have strengths and weaknesses. But whoever you become, will be equally exciting! After making your selection, you begin to create mischief and develop your character. Remember that increasing leads to expansion of the range of opportunities.

His first job MMORPG you get in the castle. Thereafter, the hero goes to the place of charged quest. But do not expect to get to your destination without incident succeed. Meeting with a large and terrible rat that pops up with the gateway can be an unpleasant surprise for those who do not like surprises. But the brave heart and the ability to properly react in unusual situations to help defeat the evil creature. Victory depends on the characteristics, so that your immediate goal is to improve them during the gameplay. Battles occur automatically. You can watch how to attack each other to meet competitors and cheer for your hero! In this situation, the main belief in luck!

During the game, you will use different things. You can buy them in specialty shops. And equipment you will need, and all sorts of potions and bloody stones. To have everything you need and raise the alter ego of the hero you must perform as many missions. Every success - it rewards in the form of money and experience. Go for it! You want to feel confident?

VBloodmoon online have the opportunity to join a guild. You can choose for themselves one of the existing guilds or to arrange a new one. Being a member of the guild, you will constantly communicate with friends through a special website. There will share experiences, receive valuable advice, to express their point of view.


Project is becoming more and more popular not only because of all the favorite topic of vampires, but also many other features. In addition, the developers promise to improve their creation, delighting users new functions. Guys from Germany knows how to please travelers of the Internet, see for yourself! Enjoy the game!

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