Alternative names: Bombiki

Bombiki game is a fascinating animated computer game. This game requires no download, and like a game Worm.

Game Bombiki registration is very fast and will not cause you any trouble. You to register in the game you must specify Bombiki online

  1. His email.
  2. Password to login to your game account.

Bombiki game in which you can fight with players with a mysterious arms. During the game, you can only use your keyboard in order to facilitate the task itself.

You have to play the game Bombiki against powerful monsters, engage Small Farmhouse on plants, as well as to start a relationship.

Amazing anime characters, bright, colorful costumes will love all the girls, and excellent special effects and action scenes voskhittelnye will satisfy any man.

Game Bombiki help you with allowances to spend your time!

Play Bombiki You will be getting acquainted with a number of features of the game:

  1. Cute characters: cute characters, which are made in anime style make the game more spectacular. Thanks to them the game, colorful and bright. Also you can try on different suits his character, which gives it a special personality.
  2. Battle Modes: You can enjoy a variety of combat modes, for example, to fight other players or to provoke the most powerful monsters of the campaigns.
  3. Musical accompaniment: the game has a relaxing music and sound effects in battle, that makes the game even more fun and attractive.
  4. Unusual Weapon: You have to fight with the help of air valves, bricks, refrigerators, shuriken and not only.
  5. Excellent special effects: each character has their weapons and actions that have certain special effects. That's what makes the game more colorful.
  6. Building equipment: this game is an advanced system that allows players to create, improve and to paste gem in gear. This makes the player more.

Game Bombiki online every character has certain characteristics:

  1. Strength - a measure of the full combat power of each character. Force depends on the equipment and features.
  2. Attack - an indicator which increases the possibility of damage caused by your character, but it reduces the attack speed.
  3. Agility - a measure that affects your character's attack speed and increases its energy supply.
  4. Protection - a measure that reduces damage and improves health.
  5. Luck - a measure which affects the ability to successfully deal damage to your opponent, while ignoring his defense.
  6. Damage - is the start, that you may cause your enemy in battle.
  7. Shield - a measure that reduces damage.
  8. Health - a measure of the maximum amount of health points.
  9. Energy - an indicator which is consumed during the use of skills and movements.
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