Alternative names: Botva

Plant online - is a free browser-based game with a lovely sense of humor, simple and user friendly interface. In the story of this game is worth the confrontation sheep and pigs, who can not make it up ... Play Plant

Plant online game requires no client installation and is accessible from any browser. All you need to enter the game, it's Register Botva: on the home page choose a game server (adyn, Dydva, Tytra or TURBO), type the e-mail and password. Next click on "Login" and this game Register Plant completed. Now, when the registration is completed Plant, moving to a new page, the next step is to choose a game character: choose the favorite way and a fraction floor and come up with your character name.

Plant online game has two factions, it Barantus (sheep) and Piggy (swine). A number of proposed characters, twelve in each fraction were six male and six female. Make your choice in appearance can be as free, and in-game currency (green). After all the settings, you can start to play Plant.

Originally Plant offers online game perform the first task. For an assignment will be given compensation in the form of gold coins. Relatively game currency in the game: there are three game currency (aka resources) - gold, crystals and cabbage (green). What is the currency?

Gold - this is the main game currency game. For this currency can develop and pump characteristics of your character, buy equipment and ammunition. For gold, have to work on the farm, going to watch, and even gold can be selected from other players;

Crystals - the currency is mined in a mine or in a special mini game. With this currency, you can buy special items of equipment that make significant contribution to the victory in battle;

Greens - the currency is practically a complete analog crystals, which you can buy, saving yourself from having to work in the mine. But the players who are in guilds can earn greens, selling special things on the market to other players, or win it in poker on the bones in the Tavern.

Menu, selecting "Character", you can change your avatar, view statistics, as well as get acquainted with the abilities of the character. These abilities

Level - shows the progress of the growth of the character;

Strength - determines the damage done by the enemy;

Protection - detects damage that can be locked;

Agility - determines the probability of escape from enemy attack;

Weight - to determine the health and speed of his recovery;

Expertise - determines whether inflict two hits in a row;

Glory - evaluation of moral qualities of the character.

Play the game online Botva can afford preobretya liked animals ("pets"), which will help in the battle. But it does not pull a small stock of savings.

The game has many kinds of armor, weapons, potions, and pendants. As well as the buildings that are in the village (Bench, Sbytnitsa, Blacksmith, Tavern, Farm, Real Estate, Sanctuary and the Well). In addition, there still have school, Fortress, Harbor, Mine (where you work), Vodalka (here you can find adventure, challenge).

Play the game online can be composed Plant Guilds, which are divided into classes and professions. You can choose a single profession and class. Here they are:

Moneybags - the guild of merchants, the goal - gold;

Workaholic - Guild miners goal - crystals;

Hardworking - Guild farmers goal - Farm pleasure;

Zhelezyachnik - guild.

Each guild in Botva online, offers special advantages and highlights your style of play.

And play the game online Plant can be teamed up with like-minded people in the clan, through which you can build a building together, to facilitate the game.

Between two clans in online game Botva, sometimes there are wars, in the case of serious disagreement.

Game Online Plant extensive enough and Plant after registration by logging into the game, you can learn a lot of interesting. Play Plant will be fun!

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