Brave Little Beasties

Alternative names: Brave Little Beasties

Game Brave Little Beasties - it is a fun browser game created by a German company.

Game Brave Little Beasties online, you will travel different scenic spots worldwide to find small species cute animals known as Beasties .

You will need catch and breed them the cats and train these little cute creatures for In order to become powerful in Ultimately, for small animals fight other animals.

In Brave Little Beasties registration is not presented in Russian, because the site, this game was created in German. To register in this browser game you will need:

1. Find poster Brave Little Beasties.

2. Make click on the button « Jetzt spielen » .

Before you arise sharply registration form.

3. In the first paragraph, write your name.

4. Create your own password, just think over your hand carefully to the maximum level of reliability was.

5. Enter the address of your mailbox.

6. Read the license agreement and rules. After that, put a checkmark in the information that you have with all the points agreed rules and agreements. If you refuse this, you can not register.

7. Click on the blue button labeled « Registrieren » .

After that, you can consider yourself registered user games Brave Little Beasties Online.

Play Brave Little Beasties You must take care of all their animals because of their ability to merge and properties depend on the food you give them.

Your animals can attack, play. Also you need to grow up very strong and able to reproduce, creating new and unique views.

Game Brave Little Beasties in visual design in some ways resembles Battlemons, which was recently launched TravianGames, but in this game there is a 3D-environment, which is carried out through the latest Flash technology.

Colorful presentation and charming graphical style Brave Little Beasties attracts casual gamers, but its complex and deep strategy mechanics gives players more complex tasks while zverushki calm myself live in this country.

In Brave Little Beasties You can play some of the following animals:

1. Fiery cat - sweet being with sharp claws and bright red color with big eyes.

2. Frog - a surprisingly sweet creature, which now and then jumps on your garden.

3. Feely - very funny animal, he's always in my head awake adventurous ideas.

4. Purple fox - always make you surprise your thoughtful soulful eyes.

In many areas Brave Little Beasties Online you can play for free, into ever new and exciting events.

Brave Little Beasties - is friendly and fun game that is designed for all ages.


Dive into this world with exciting and funny little animals, engaged with them and create a great fighting team.

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