Bumz, Bumz, Bums

Alternative names: Bumz

If you consider yourself a fan of the legendary game Worms, but this game has you fed up - hence the new browser-based game cartoon Bumz is what you need. Feel like a little comic book character and destroy his enemies. The game creators have kept funny game format - a lot of funny sounds and phrases you will create a good mood for the whole day.

Join in the game Bumz has some peculiarities. If you want to use the additional features, then you definitely need to have a mailbox on the site mail. ru, but also other valid mailbox is fine. Select a profile:

• enter into the appropriate field your valid email address,

• create a password,

• think of a name for himself on the forum

• enter the security code from the image seen.

As you can see Bumz registration simple and takes only a few minutes. And when Bumz Online registration is completed, you have to go to the main menu and go to the battlefield under its data: enter email address and password, and is now ahead in the battle!

In order to play online Bumz, your computer must meet the system requirements:

• Operating System Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008;

• 512 MB of memory;

• 64 MB graphics card;

• Internet access

• set Adobe Flash Player.

Getting to play in Bumz! Now you create your own character, choose the sex of the character - a charming girl who will enchant its beauty opponent or a tough guy that boldly deal with enemies. Online game Bumz very easy to use: the four arrow keys on the keyboard you will control the direction of movement and the space bar controls applied force attack. At level 12, you can create your own guild or else join an existing guild, accepting the invitation of friends.

Bumz online game has excellent and fairly realistic special effects. Weapon system will satisfy even the most demanding of players - from the Stone Age to the guns of sophisticated laser pistols. But this is not the limit. Each weapon can also be improved by going to the Arsenal. Additionally, you can sell and exchange your weapon. For refined and demanding players, the game has provided Bumz online system to improve weapons and equipment. To do this you need to choose one of three gems:

• increased attack

• increase protection

• improved performance

And place it in your arms, clothing or headgear.

In addition to the normal daily tasks, you can team up with odnodumtsami and go hiking for a battle with numerous and horrible monsters. The award will be respectively - unimaginable wealth. But remember: the higher your level, the stronger will be the enemy, but at the same time, the more valuable will be awards.

If you have gushed romantic feelings, you also can use the Wedding. All you need - is to buy an engagement ring and offer his hand and heart of the character of the opposite sex. Who would have thought that playing the game online Bumz can be very romantic. After the marriage ceremony, which will take place in the Temple, the couple can novosochetavshayasya magnificently celebrate the joining of two cartoon hearts. If after some time you will realize that it was a mistake, and your partner is not the person with whom you want to associate your life, you can file for divorce and again seek a companion or life partner.

In Bumz play easy and exciting. Experience the beauty of this game and enjoy, because you will discover a lot of interesting opportunities in the game.

Online game Bumz interesting and colorful. Play Bumz everyone can!

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