Business Tycoon Online

Alternative names: BT Online

Business Tycoon Online - a free browser-based online economic strategy that conquered millions of players worldwide. So, as the game is available in the browser window, the game client is not required.

Register Business Tycoon Online, will allow you to learn and feel successful businessman, fashion icon and even influential politician. You can choose a branch, hire staff to fight with their competitors, and more ...

In order to pass the Business Tycoon Online registration, you need to enter your e-mail, password, and the name (or nickname). After agreement to accept the game rules and choose a game server. On this registration will expire.

Now you can start making your company. First you need to choose a character name, gender, and activity in which you will work.

In Business Tycoon Online game features four areas of activity:

  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Catering
  • Services

Just pay attention to the description of the industries, since each of them has its own characteristics. Next you will need to choose an assistant (secretary) of the ten submitted and determine what sex it is.

Now we can proceed directly to the very game Business Tycoon Online, and to the implementation of the first svogo job. From time to time your secretary will give you various tips on the game (in your best interest to listen to this wise counsel, what would your business to develop in the right direction, and you get the most enjoyable experiences of this game).

Play game Business Tycoon Online, from a private company you have to develop your business to international corporations, hiring and training employees. One of the most important aspects of online game Business Tycoon, is empowering its employees who meet certain criteria posts (20). If properly distributed office, your employees will help to quickly raise the efficiency of the company.

Depending on the selected shook off, you will build and develop shops and factories producing oil exploration and production to install towers, build refineries. To learn how to correctly business, build shops and skyscrapers, purchasing materials and interact with the players, you will be asked 35 primary quests, which will pay for experience points and money. Play Business Tycoon Online, you will have some objectives and daily quests. When building their institutions need to take into account the potential competitors, if they are close to a lot of, you run the risk of losing their economic progress.

What kind of business without the media, right? So, in this game there is. With the help of the media you will conduct information attacks on your competitors, but everything will depend on the performance and the level of your influence. It is possible that you will request the media refuse or overcharge.

BT Online Game will help you develop your entrepreneurial skills and understand if you can be cool entrepreneur

Play Game BT Online, you will be able to create and manage the guild, to participate in the debate, and exchange processes. You will have the opportunity to become a member of the "Golden VIP», where you will receive certain bonuses. You can also take the post of deputy of the city council and have the right to close the competition institutions also engage in more and raiding. And much more ...

Summed up in the completion of the review, we can say that Business Tycoon Online can play all who are interested in the way of building a business. There are great opportunities for the players. And in order to understand that this whole process, you need to Register after the game Business Tycoon Online, pass this way on your own!

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