Alternative names: Caliber

Caliber - elite troops go to battle with terrorists

Game Caliber from the beloved game studio Wargamin is a third-person shooter with tactical elements. You play in a team of fighters of an elite unit. You have to complete missions in different parts of the planet, as well as participate in combat battles with other players. The game will be interesting to all shooting fans. There is also plenty of action here. Go ahead, fighter!

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You will play in a squad consisting of four fighters. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • assault aircraft - good damage, high mobility, good survivability, assistance and control at a low level;
  • support fighter - high survivability and good control, damage, assistance and mobility at low level;
  • medic - high mobility and assistance, good survivability, low damage and control;
  • sniper - high damage, control, mobility, assistance and low survivability.

Each of these parameters affects your game. For example, with a sniper, you will inflict high damage from a distance, but in close combat you may have a problem. Likewise, a medic, an excellent healer, but average in combat. The stormtrooper is an excellent attack weapon, but the support fighter is only good in a team.

  • Damage is a characteristic that reflects how effectively the operator is able to destroy the enemy. The main task of an operator with a high damage rate is to destroy the enemy.
  • Control is a characteristic that reflects how effectively the operator is able to impose various negative effects on the enemy. The main task of an operative with a high level of control is to disrupt the enemy's actions.
  • Assistance is a characteristic that reflects how effectively the operator is able to heal allies and strengthen them through various positive effects. The main task of a High Assistance Operator is to maintain the maximum efficiency of all squad members.
  • Mobility is a characteristic that reflects how quickly the operator moves through the terrain. The main task of an operative with high mobility is to quickly capture advantageous positions for the team.
  • Survival is a stat that reflects how difficult it is to take an operative out of combat. The main task of an operative with a high survival rate is to divert enemy fire onto himself and effectively absorb damage.

The game Caliber on PC has taken over some functionality from World of Tanks. Each type of fighter can be improved. For example, if you like to play as a sniper, then over time you will be able to unlock snipers from the Pennant, Alpha, SSO, 22SPN, GROM, KSK, Seal, TFB squads.

Types of battles

Cleaning - a team of players against bots. Perform minor tasks to eliminate, detain, clean up, protect the area. Complete all objectives of the operation to win. Clash is a four-by-four-player battle. To win, capture the base or eliminate the enemy team in three rounds. Special Operation is an advanced version of the Sweep. Here the opponents are already stronger and more experienced. To win, you also need to complete all the tasks of the operation. Hacking is a four-on-four match. Win three rounds by hacking one of the systems and not letting the enemy do it, or destroying his team. Coaching is a single type of game. Here you can practice shooting from different weapons and try new fighters.

Downloading Caliber on PC is quite simple. To get started, you will need to install the launcher from Wargeimig, and then follow the instructions. We recommend installing the game not on the system disk, so as not to clog it. The game takes about 15 GB, keep this in mind when choosing an installation disk.

Caliber minimum system requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: i5-4xxx or higher
  • RAM: 8Gb +
  • VRAM: 2Gb +
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 64x +, AMD HD 7xxx +
  • Free disk space: ~ 15 GB.
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