Call of Duty: Mobile

Alternative names: CoD: Mobile, Call of Duty, Call of the Long

Call of Duty: Mobile - fight as if it was your last day

The Call of Duty: Mobile game from Activision Publishing has finally released their favorite online shooter on a mobile platform, and thanks to the Android emulator on your PC, you can play it on your computer. The mobile game has retained all the action that was inherent in the legendary series of games. You will not have to be bored, as in games of other genres, because this is an online shooter. You can fight in a team of fighters, or be thrown to the island and try to survive, you decide.

: The Basics of CoD: Mobile

At the first entrance to the game they will tell you and show the basics of control in battle. On the left side you control the movement of your fighter, on the right side, aim and shoot. There are two types of firing - automatic and manual. When setting at first, you will shoot automatically as soon as the enemy is at your sight. When setting to manual, you will aim and shoot yourself. The first type, less targeted, but you can inflict damage to the enemy instantly. The second, more accurate, requires skill in the game, all advanced players use just such types of firing.

In the bottom center of the game screen, you will also find three special skills. Initially, this is a missile air strike, enemy tracking and a drone destroyer. They can be used after a certain number of kills that you have committed. These skills will give you advantages over your opponent for your victory.

What do you need to win? There are different battle genres in Call of Duty: Mobile. In this case we are talking about group battles. You can play:

  • each for himself and shoot everything that moves;
  • team versus team and the one who gets the first number of points first will win the way;
  • capture points on the map and hold them, the team with the most points wins;
  • game against bots, that is, not real players, but computers, will be useful for training.

As for the royal battle, yes, yes, it is in the Call of Duty Mobile, then this mode will be to the taste of almost everything. After all, the royal battle is exactly the action you were looking for.

Battle royal - this is when you fly over the island in an airplane with other players (up to 100 people). This is when you are thrown onto the island without anything, and you have to find equipment, weapons and survive. This is when the card narrows every minute and beyond it you take damage. This is when you are left alone with the enemy. In other words, the royal battle is about survival and dexterity. Here you need to listen to every rustle, be prepared for the fact that you can be attacked from any building and corner. Much depends on luck - whether you find third-level equipment, whether you come across homing missiles or a sniper rifle with night vision. In the royal battle, you can fly a helicopter and ride a car, or the old fashioned way on your own two legs.

Call of Duty: Battle royal - a mode that millions of players love for its unpredictability and adventurism. Here the winner is not the one who scored the most frags, but the one who survived and remains the last. There are many strategies for survival, which you choose, it's up to you!

Character Outfit

Your style of play depends on the character’s equipment. You can have up to five different sets at the same time. This means that during the battle you can play with five different fighters. For example, one of them will be a sniper, the other - a machine gunner, the third - a melee fighter with a shotgun, the fourth - uses quick-fire machine guns, the fifth - assault rifles. Try different types of weapons and match your style of play.

How to download Call of Duty: Mobile on your PC, you can use the Bluestacks Android emulator, which allows you to play mobile games on your computer. To start with the link, you will need to download and install the emulator itself, and only then in it download and install the Call of Duty game from Google Play.

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