Call of duty: Warzone

Alternative names: кол оф дьюти варзон

Call of duty Warzone 2. 0 is an action movie in which you have to demonstrate your skills on the battlefield. Incredibly realistic graphics await you in this game. The voice acting is not inferior to the image and is executed flawlessly.

Before playing Call of duty Warzone 2. 0, choose the appearance for your character and come up with a game name. Next you will find an exciting game after you go through a short tutorial.

You will find many adventures in this giant battle arena:

  • Secure the territory in given squares
  • Destroy enemies in buildings and in open areas
  • Team up with friends
  • Compete with other players and find out who is the best
  • Complete special tasks in the cities and villages of the Republic of Adal

Many game modes in addition to those listed are waiting for you, and you can learn about them while playing.

The game has an incredible amount of different weapons. From knives to grenade launchers. Try all this arsenal in battle. But the assortment is really large and it will take quite a lot of time to try everything. The game is completely free, but some of the content is available only if you purchase other games from the developer.

In addition, if you own Call of Duty : Modern Warfare II Vault Edition, you will receive many other bonuses, such as 10 hours of game time, you will receive double experience, a battle pass and 50 level passes. But even without all these bonuses, the game is exciting and interesting.

Collect boxes on the battlefield to get new equipment. Completing contracts will also allow you to regularly replenish your arsenal, which will give you an advantage during the game. If you do not know which mode to choose for the game, play a blitz match. This is a good way to immerse yourself in the game without wasting time choosing a location and other parameters.

There are a lot of locations in the game, if you get tired of playing in one, you can choose the appropriate one from many others. You can play against other players not only alone, but also together with a team of friends against another team. Playing against AI is also interesting. The developers have done a good job to make virtual opponents act more meaningfully. Now, defeating units controlled by artificial intelligence has become almost as interesting as real opponents. If you don't have friends who like this kind of games, you can easily find like-minded people by chatting with players from all over the world.

In the in-game store, you can buy chests with weapon equipment and game bonuses. Part of the assortment is available for in-game currency, but there are positions that you will have to spend real money on. It is not necessary to make purchases, but if you want to make the gameplay a little easier for yourself, then there is such an opportunity. By making purchases for real money, you express your gratitude to the developers.

Check the store regularly for generous discounts and sales. This happens especially often on holidays. The game regularly receives updates containing new territories, game modes and equipment. You can download Call of duty Warzone 2. 0 for free on a PC if you follow the link on this page. Start playing right now, many battles are waiting for you here!

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