Call of Gods

Alternative names: Call of Gods

Game Call of Gods - is an online game which is a multiplayer strategy.

In-Game Call of Gods online you get some on the side of God, and gather his army. Together with the army you go on an adventure!

Call of Gods registration is as follows:

1. Find game site Call of Gods online.

2. Click on the home page under the login form on the website link « New comer ? Click here to sing up ».

3. You will see the registration form.

4. Write your name. It must consist of three to twenty-five characters.

5. Come up with a special password to login. It should be from six to twenty-four characters.

6. Confirm your password introduction to the next cell.

7. Write down your email address in the subsequent line.

8. Click on the button « Register ». When registering on the site you agree to its policy and all the rules.

Game Call of Gods assumes that your computer has the following parameters: iOS 4. 0 or higher.

Also, this game sovestima with iPhone, iPod touch.


Play Call of Gods You can select one of three classes:

1. Elves. They are 5% bonus to agility units. Elves enjoying the longest history, always treasure their innate qualities - nobility and grace. Even when their racial survival threatened invasion of demons, they formed an alliance with the people. Soon after they had won the war, they returned to their former locations.

2. People. In this class there is a 5% bonus to attacking units. Despite the infinite number of trials, people have determination and courage. With faith in the ultimate justice, they have become an integral part of every intense battle. They do not care death, thus demonstrating the amazing power. Nevertheless, unexpected invasion of demons destroyed the prosperity and brilliance of human civilization, and cast into the abyss of human suffering. Fortunately, tough people never gave up their efforts for the resumption of racial glory and splendor.

3. Corpses. They have a 5% bonus to life units. Ruthless and tough, they have become more flexible and powerful, especially with a large military experience. The emergence of several mighty heroes seems to suggest their racial rejuvenation. In fact, excessive ambition, of course, lead to a new war in the name of revenge. Finally, the dead will affect the life.

Each race does not have its own unique starting zone to 30 lats. Regina Deorum reaching any race can visit any area.

In Call of Gods, you can play immediately after registration. You are sent to fight on the side of God, which is you choose!

Call of Gods Online - is a game that may be of interest only to their name. But still many interesting things fraught game Call of Gods.

Immerse yourself in this incredible world of adventure, strategy and bloody battles.


Do not lose this opportunity, how to get acquainted with the game Call of Gods online and get a lot of fun!

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