Candy Cash

Alternative names: Candy money Candy cache

If you've ever played an old favorite of many Diamond Dash, this game is absolutely to your taste. Game Candy Cash inherently very similar to DD. The game is set in a candy store. You need to sell more candy and, of course, get paid for it. To sell, you need to remove a chain of three or more candies of the same color. The faster you find the chain, the more points you earn. In the left part of the screen in front of you will be displayed a time scale. Constantly finding a chain with the same candy, you extend your time if you are thinking and do not operate, while gradually disappears. When the time gets to the bottom mark, the tour ends. In general, Candy Cash online - excellent offer from developers Plinga Play for a pleasant and relaxing pastime.

If you have previously had occasion to meet with games Plinga, then hurry to rejoice that the registration process for you would be reduced to a minimum, or rather he will be absent in principle - you can log directly using the previously registered data. If you are new and first acquainted with Plinga Play, then you Candy Cash registration is binding. All game control is given in English, but not even knowing the language can intuitively guess what to do. If you want to pre-test the game, then you can click on the blue button at the bottom of the authorization form «Try it», after which you will be available test version.

1. If desired, players can register with your Facebook-Account, you can do so by clicking on the appropriate button. If you prefer to register with the traditional method, then click on the button «Register» at the bottom right.

2. You will see the registration form, fill that need to play in Candy Cash, in the upper floor which is called «Email address», as you probably will not be difficult to guess, you will need to enter the address of your electronic mailbox.

3. Next in the line called «Username» write your login, so the system will continue to look to you as well will call your game character in most games (some heroes can give additional names).

4. Traditionally the field «Password» fill in your password. Try to choose the most secure password to play the game Candy Cash was safe and reliable, and you have peace of mind that no one can break into your box.

5. For the system to continue the registration process, you will need to accept terms and conditions of the user agreement for this project. Agree with all the rules can be ticking in the line «I accept the terms ...».

6. If you want to subscribe to the site, put the bird in the box «Send me emails ...», if not - miss the box.

7. Ready? Click «Register».

This game - a great way to relax, just a good time for a good pastime. Besides playing Candy Cash for free, why not take such a chance?

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