Car Eats Car 3

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Car Eats Car 3 a new story related to the already famous cycle of games dedicated to predatory cars. You will find here improved 2d graphics in a colorful cartoon style and beautifully executed voice acting.

Like the previous parts, the game is a masterpiece, but even if you have not played the first two parts, it will not be difficult for you to master the controls and understand all the subtleties thanks to a clear and concise tutorial at the beginning of the game.

Many pleasant minutes are waiting for you during spectacular races in which you need not only to reach the finish line as quickly as possible, but also to survive, fighting against insidious enemies.

To become the best in this game you need:

  • Achieve mastery in driving
  • Improve your car using the breaks between races
  • Collect rewards scattered along the race route
  • Become the strongest warrior in the arena by defeating all opponents

On the surface, everything looks quite simple, but in reality, it will not be easy to complete all these tasks.

As the name implies, in this game your opponents will be dangerous cars that can literally gobble up your car. Fortunately, you will not be so harmless at all and by improving your weapons you will be able to present many unpleasant surprises to your enemies. To win over opponents you will be helped by the skill that you will acquire by going through a large number of races-battles. Remember, it is not the strongest who wins here, but the most skillful rider.

Do not try to complete all the tracks in one car. Over time, you will need to purchase a faster vehicle.

You can choose from several options:

  1. Harvester
  2. Lokomashina
  3. Frankopstein
  4. Trancominator

Choose the option that best suits your driving style and become a legendary road warrior that no one else in the arena can handle.

Don't be discouraged if your new car doesn't seem so good at first. Most vehicles become significantly more powerful after you make the initial upgrades.

Compete online with friends you invite to the game or find worthy opponents among thousands of players around the world.

Despite the fact that some of the tasks in the game require a stable Internet connection, you will not be bored. Win offline races and get coins for future upgrades. The developers have made sure that you can have fun no matter where you are, play anywhere, anytime.

The in-game shop will allow you to cheat a little and get the opportunity to improve your car even faster. Purchases are not mandatory, it will only provide an opportunity to thank the developers financially and get improvements a little faster.

You will surely enjoy playing Car Eats Car 3, the game is very popular and deserves attention.

You can download

Car Eats Car 3 for free on Android by following the link on this page.

Install the game right now, the road full of adventure is waiting for you!

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