The road through the chaos: Creators of the Worlds

Alternative names: Chaosroad

Online Game Road through Chaos - free browser game rpg fantasy genre. Since its inception in 2005, the game has managed to interest a wide audience and has become a multi-user. It has everything that players like so: character development and empire on your taste, performing interesting quest jobs to travel the world, the choice of professions, epic battles, the creation of clans. And all this without having to make monthly fee! Road through the game Chaos Online available if you have an internet connection and your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Download the game client is not required. Get into this magnificent world will help road through the chaos of online registration. Do not think that it will take a lot of time. Join in the game road through Chaos - just fill the registration form. You get to the main page of the character with which to play and start road through Chaos. Carefully read it, and also sort out the characteristics of the character, which can improve throughout the game.
To play the game online Road through Chaos should decide with relish. Get tendency can join the clan, bought from dealers or get a reward for certain services. Consider what choice offers road through Chaos online game
1. Dark propensity - fans of the Great Dark prone to vampirism. Drawing strength from the object of worship, can suck the vitality of his victim.
2. Bright propensity - cheerful servants grandiose light. Have good health, so quickly restored after damage.
3. Guard untouchables - the inhabitants of the world, designed to monitor compliance with the order. Argus requiring all adhere to the laws.
4. Neutral tendency - soldiers, staying on the edge between darkness and light.
5. Outcasts - violators of the rules of the game, which is a curse. They do not respect the other players at the constant deceptions.
6. Gods - secretive majestic creatures, desires which are difficult to understand.
7. Dealers - craftsmen make money literally out of nothing. Any player can provide everything necessary for the latter pays part of his soul.
The main occupation in the game - holding fights. PvP system is well thought creators. Road through Chaos online means involved in this type of fighting, dueling, contractual fights, a lot of small-and wall to wall. Duel - a duel of two players to take part in which it is possible at any level. Contractual battles are essentially the same duels, only here monetary bets. Pile-small - group combat, in which the server determines your affiliation with one of the parties. But in the battle wall to wall you already can choose which side to fight. Fights are held with various equipment. Inventory in the game are ammunition, magic ingredients, potions and stuff.
To have fun and take a break from the grueling fights, you can walk around the grounds. Visit buildings that will see on your way. After playing the game Road through Chaos Online you will, using the shops, market, post office, bank, a smithy, a temple, mine. The shops and markets, for example, will be able to buy the necessary things. In the smithy podremontiruete a broken ammunition. With bank savings accumulate funds and mail to other characters. The mine also collect valuable resources. And this is not a complete list of buildings that will find a world of diversity in this unique game!
Road through Chaos play becomes more interesting with increasing levels. You need to gain experience. Between levels there are ups - a kind of a stopover to the next level. Every apom a reward in the form of cash or additional articles. Promotion levels opens up new opportunities. And what was initially unavailable, becomes real.
Join the world crowded chaos right now and make sure that you regret just do not have! Enjoy the game!

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