Cities XL

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Cities XL economic strategy with elements of urban simulation. The game is by now a classic with the appropriate graphics. In the game you have to build and manage cities around the globe.

It all starts with a small village, which you have to develop to a huge metropolis.

Here you will need:

  • Build residential buildings
  • Develop transport infrastructure
  • Build and establish production at plants and factories
  • Select suitable sites for new settlements
  • Mining

Here is a very simplified list of tasks that await you in the game.

The game may at first glance seem like a city-building simulator. But the tasks in it are much broader than the construction of the city. For successful development, you will need to constantly replenish your stocks of resources, some of which may not be found in the vicinity of your settlement or even completely absent on the continent.

Mining requires setting up settlements in inhospitable places, such as in the middle of a desert. In this aggressive environment, it is necessary to create suitable conditions for the life of people in such cities.

Each of the cities is built from scratch and must go all the way of evolution from a small village to a technologically advanced metropolis.

Playing Cities XL is going to be quite challenging as you need to pay enough attention to each city and make sure it's in perfect balance to make it all work as it should.

Pay attention to road design. This is more important than it might seem. Even the largest production facilities will not be able to operate at full capacity if there are difficulties with logistics. The population will also not be happy if the city is constantly constrained by traffic jams.

City dwellers play an important role in the game. Build enough institutions where people can get an education. Create entertainment centers where residents can relax after work.

There are several types of houses in the game. Each district of the city has its own typical building. People are settled according to education. The more educated tenants, the more comfortable conditions they will need to live. A rather strange decision, but apparently it seemed so to the right developers.

The game can keep you busy for a long time. The globe is large, there are many continents and it will not be easy to build everything up.

Cities do not differ too much from each other. Over time, you will be able to notice good decisions and use them in the future when designing new settlements.

Developers have taken care of those who wish to make their own modifications to the game. There is a convenient built-in editor that will allow you to implement almost any ideas.

Of course, you can find many ready-made modifications created by the community on the Internet. Some of these modifications may seem much more interesting than the game itself.

Cities XL download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase the game on the Steam platform or not the official site.

Install the game, the whole planet is waiting for you to start playing and make it inhabited!

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