Call of Duty 2

Alternative names: Call of Duty 2, number of office duty, cod 2

Game Call of Duty 2 is an exciting computer game. This game is a continuation of the first part of the game. In Call of Duty 2 events occur in the first person. In-Game Call of Duty 2 is created in style shooter.

Game Call of Duty 2 can only download from the official website of the game. Download Call of Duty 2 can only grown users. For minors access to this game is closed.

You can see about the game Call of Duty 2 videos. In the videos, you can find out for yourself a lot of useful information: classes, events, weapons and factions.

Game Call of Duty 2 will acquaint you with all my characters:

1. Vasily Kozlov is the Red Army of the 13-th Guards Rifle Division. He is represented in the game as the main character acting in the Soviet campaign. You will start the game for the character on the preventive range of the Soviet army, which is 30 km from Moscow. He participates in the Battle of Stalingrad.

2. John Davis is a sergeant of my 7th Armored Division. He participates in the North African campaign.

3. David Welch is the captain of the 7th Armored Division. He was a tank commander in the second scene of the British campaign. David participates in supertankovyh offensive in the North African campaign, as well as in the north-western Libya.

4. Corporal Bill Taylor is the second company of "D" in the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He is the main character of the American campaign. Bill takes part in the Normandy landings ("D-Day"), as well as the battle at 400 in Bergshtayne. He also participated in the crossing of the Rhine.

In-Game Call of Duty 2 weapons divided by campaign. All campaigns have common types of weapons, but they are different models

1. Pistol.

2. Courier.

3. Rifle.

4. Sniper rifle.

5. Grenades.

6. Gun.

7. Gun.

8. Grenade.


In the game Call of Duty 2 can play in different modes in single player mode and in multiplayer. Depend on the choice of mode of gaming features.

In-Game Call of Duty 2 mechanics, you can download a torrent file, but for this you need to install the program on your computer.

In-Game Call of Duty 2 pc has several campaigns:

1) Soviet campaign. This campaign consists of several episodes. Participants in this campaign should perform seven missions. In Stalingrad, are all events of the campaign.

2) British campaign. Consist of four episodes of action in this campaign. In the British campaign events occur throughout 13 missions. Events in the game take place in three regions of France, North America and in Normandy.

3) American campaign. Consist of three episodes of the action in this campaign. For seven missions events occur in the game. In the American campaign events take place in Berlin.

Game Call of Duty 2 is presented in several ways:

1. Shootout - events take place in different locations.

2. Team Deathmatch - event held on behalf of the two teams.

3. Capture the Flag - you need in this mode to capture the flag of their opponents and protect your.

4. Head - a new mode in which you must not give grab his headquarters.

5. Search and destroy - this is the mode in which you have to either plant a bomb or prevent this event.

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