Code Lyoko

Alternative names: Code Lyoko, Code Lyoko Code Lyoko

Game Code Lyoko - free, social and exciting in the RPG genre. At first glance it may seem that the game Code Lyoko online pretty weird. But it is necessary to grasp the essence and it turns out that everything is easy and simple. Much strain you do not have to. Main focus on the game.

In order not to burden the process of the game and in the process did not run off to a bad bootable or something like that, please compare the specified system requirements for your computer's setup. Nothing complicated about it, just to have a pretty

• the average computer system parameters;

• connection to the Internet;

• keyboard;

• mouse.

As it so. Like already can begin to play the game Code Lyoko, but then there's an obstacle in the way - Code Lyoko register here too, all quickly and easily. We suggest you only check your information and remember, it does not distribute your password. The process is as follows:

1. visit the official site of the game Code Lyoko;

2. click on the pointer - to play;

3. choose option - register for free;

4. specify your e-mail address;

5. create a password, consisting of not less than six characters

6. if you accept the rules of use of the game, then check the appropriate box for this;

7. then click on the - registration.

You can now proceed to the entertainment, and start to play in Code Lyoko.

Have you ever - ever could imagine a world that exists on the other side of the world. It is in this game you will visit in a parallel world. Like anything strange, but the story begins with the fact that ordinary students who decided to just explore, stumble upon the wonderful creatures, monsters. It is necessary to survive. It seems that you are one of them. Who exactly - you choose. Code Lyoko game makers are you a choice of four parties:

• Ulrich;

• TL;

• Yumi;

• Jeremy.

As in any game, all the characters have their own individual characteristics. And your actors. They are all unique, each in their own way, each have their capabilities, forces the achievement of each specific task.

In your right to play different game modes, while performing different tasks gaming. For this you get a reward. Your character will deftly run, navigate the turns playfully respond to unusual situations. All of it you'll be done quickly. As in any game, you do not just play, and carefully think through everything, you think like a strategist. But it is not much carried away, because it's not as difficult as it may seem.


Code Lyoko game on the market quite a long time, not a veteran, of course. Graphics a bit primitive, but quality for its level, bright, causes such positive feelings. Music is specific, but still does not stop the game.

The game was created without age restrictions, but still, if you think well, it is ideal for young people.

It seems everything is clear and known. Relax and let yourself play. Now you can proceed to the game process. Are waiting for you here. Enjoy the game!

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