Counter-Strike: Source

Alternative names: Counter-Strike: Source

Game Counter-Strike: Source - a kind of legend. She managed to once and forever change the consciousness of most gamers of today. Passion for the game can be compared in scale to any epidemic.

Now it's worth noting that the game CS: Source - it is a favorite with many good old Counter Strike, transferred to the new, more powerful engine. New version is now firmly connected with the life and adventures of Gordon Freeman. Critics have been quick to note that the developers chose to put the game on a commercial basis, and we, with all the responsibility that this does not spoil the game, everything remains the same interesting and exciting.

CSS - a game that preach the same rules that were presented in the now legendary first draft. You have to deal with the same gameplay features and meet with familiar hostages. The only pleasant "but" - now it's all done in a high-quality graphics. In addition, the developers decided to embellish a new version of the game of modern advanced and fashionable physical model. In short, there is no time to be bored - to play Counter Strike Source will now not only exciting, but also nice.

To "bison" geymerskogo things feel comfortable, and they do not have to adapt to something radically new, the creators of games left in the Counter Strike Source weapons and ammunition "from the past."

To start the game, you, traditionally, however, already have to first download the Counter-Strike: Source. The project is downloaded from torrent trackers and installed on any modern computer in seconds. Immediately warn that depending on your computer system will change and quality demonstrated by the project schedules. Despite the fact that the texture may seem picky players too muddy in some moments, they do not spoil the overall impression of the game. Moreover, they are almost completely offset by modern ragdoll animation and real blood! Oh yeah, get ready for that Contra Soars really cooked a lot of blood. In the thick crimson liquid will almost all soiled walls, floor, even the ceiling, and why did you want before you real grown game - more than seriously.

Play CSS will be as pleasant as possible also because the developers have taken care of the most realistic project. You will no longer warp that warriors pass through each other as to bring - this defect was eliminated once and for all.

Once again, I want to stop the attention on weapons, despite the fact that the models presented here are the same as before, they look just voskhotitelno - involuntarily begin to stare and admire it.

If you do not believe us, and want to personally convince the reliability of the above, we strongly recommend that you download the game, if not, then at least look to Counter Strike Source video trailer. Confident that he will make you quickly become personally acquainted with the project! Be prepared to invite friends!

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