Cricket 24

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Cricket 24 is a sports simulator dedicated to an unusual sport called Cricket these days. You can play on PC. The graphics in the game are good, quite realistic. The voice acting helps create the atmosphere of a crowded stadium. The music matches the overall style of the game.

Cricket, a sports discipline that appeared several centuries ago. The game is believed to have become popular in the 16th century. The rules are administered by Marylebone Cricket Club. Matches in this discipline last for five days, divided into parts, but there is also a variation of one-day Cricket. International matches are usually played during the day.

Each team has 10 players plus a captain. There are quite a lot of rules, if you are a fan of this game you know them, if not, then you will learn them while playing Cricket 24 on PC.

Before you start, you need to undergo a short training, where in addition to the rules you will learn how to manage a team during the game. It won't take much time, the interface is intuitive, and the tips are simple.

Interesting and varied tasks await you during the game:

  • Choose a club from a variety of options on offer
  • Win matches to get prize money and a place in the ranking
  • Manage your team, hire and fire players
  • Create training plans and prepare athletes for new games
  • Get a uniform for the team and take care of rest during breaks between competitions
  • Compete with other players online

This is a small list of what you will need to do while playing Cricket 24 g2a

In addition to the ability to choose one of the existing clubs, the opportunity to create your own has been implemented. In this case, you will need to come up with a name to your liking, draw a logo in a convenient editor, and select the colors of the form. In addition, it is necessary to decide which of the athletes will be part of the team.

Getting started with Cricket 24 can be challenging, but you'll quickly get the hang of the game's mechanics. After the team earns the first prize money, the game will become more interesting.

You shouldn’t manage your finances frivolously, you need to think and plan everything first, otherwise the funds may not be enough for what your team needs at the moment.

To make winning easier, take care of training for athletes. It is possible to change the composition of players by hiring more gifted athletes and even celebrities.

You have the opportunity to download Cricket 24 and compete with thousands of players from the most remote corners of the globe.

The level of AI is quite high and it will be difficult to win, especially at the very beginning, but the most difficult thing is to win against real people, among whom you can meet real professionals.

Cricket 24 can be bought online using the link on this page. Sales are held quite often, perhaps today the Steam key for Cricket 24 is on sale at a discount.

Start playing now if you are a Cricket fan or want to learn more about this exciting sports game!

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