Alternative names: CrimeCraft, KraymKraft

CrimeCraft Online - free browser game shooter. It is not strange, you find yourself in is not just a city, but in the world after the environmental disaster. Scary? Not afraid of any hybrids? Fear here is not worth it, and the gang of villains who catch the moment that would rob you.

On the technical side and the power of your PC, the game has quite KraymKraft democratic system requirements:

• RAM - Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7;

• CPU - 2. 2 GHz

• RAM - 1. 5 GB for Windows 2000/XP, 2 GB for Windows Vista / 7;

• Hard Drive - 3. 5 GB

• connection to the Internet.

To start playing online game CrimeCraft, you only need to arrange themselves in the game. CrimeCraft registration will not keep you long tormented, only well-check these data

1. Login to the official website of the game CrimeCraft;

2. choose the registration;

3. enter the name for your future character;

4. create a password, consisting of not less than six letters or numbers;

5. Repeat the previous password;

6. enter your e-mail address to confirm your account;

7. download the game client;

8. Run it and enter your account details.

You get to the Earth, filled with chaos control in established cities holds the gangs. Opens in front of you is one of those cities - Sunrise City - and misses your character here.


Game CrimeCraft confronts objective to perform specific tasks and missions so that, eventually, you get money and experience accumulate reputation, learn new crafts and combat skills for the development of your character.


• dynamic shootout;

• personalization

• production;

• black market;

• gang;

• technology Unreal Engine.

Dynamic shooting -'ll lead the battle with the heroes of other users, and software enemies. To do this, you are given the choice blshoy equipment: weapons, explosives and stimulants.

Personalization - You embody the character of the individual, the choice of clothing, weapons, various subjects and skills which want. On being unique!

Production - trophies can you get in a fight, sending the creation of weapons, clothing or stimulants.

Black Market - can produce its products of various items, sell or swap with other characters in the game.

Gangs - CrimeCraft to play entertaining with their peers, are allowed to create a gang, accordingly you will have your club and shelter.

Technology Unreal Engine - lets you fully explore such a vast and beautiful world created on the Unreal Engine 3.


In conclusion we can say that CrimeCraft - is an association of third-person shooter and role-playing game with a lot of users that connects dynamic shooting, improved character and chat with other players.


It is here waiting for you a terrible battle for life with other fighters. The world is immersed into anarchy - it's time to take power in safe hands and prove their superiority! Good luck!

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