Crusader Kings 3

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Crusader Kings 3 strategy game, but not only. The graphics in the game are not entirely realistic, there is a slight bias towards the cartoon style. Perhaps someone will not like this solution, but this is how the developers created it.

In the beginning, you will be able to select your country and character. In the game, you don't have to be the ruler, on the contrary, it's more interesting to play a less significant figure. There is no character editor in the game, you will have to be content with the options offered.

Not all states on the map had historical analogues, some countries are fictional. The game is not a regular strategy game, it's more about the complexity of people's social relationships. But there is also a strategic component. If you want conquest and glory in the military field, then all this will be.

It is important to choose and follow the direction of development for the character.

There are five such directions in the game.

  • Diplomacy
  • Military
  • Control
  • Intrigue
  • Scholarship

The chosen path affects the style of play and the approach to solving problems.

It is formed in early childhood and depends mainly on the education received.

Nothing hurts by choosing the erudition to weave intrigues, for example. But doing something atypical for the chosen path will increase stress, which will need to be relieved somehow. Everything is simple here, leading a wild life you will safely get rid of stress, but you can undermine your health along the way. Therefore, it is better to stick to the chosen line, besides, it gives you additional experience.

Everything that happens to the hero is reflected in his appearance, an experienced warrior will be covered with scars. Diseases, chronic or suffered in childhood, will also leave their marks on the appearance. In addition, the features of appearance and physique are transmitted to offspring. You can try to create a dynasty of ideal people.

During the wars in the game, everything is quite realistic. For example, if you make a dash to approach the capital of an enemy state and in doing so leave behind several smaller cities or enemy fortresses, your troops will start to have problems due to the actions of the enemy in the rear.

To succeed in conquests, you need to create an army consisting of various types of troops that will complement each other well on the battlefield.

AI in the game is not very good and neighboring states start to lag behind you over time, although this will probably be fixed with patches in the future.

In addition to the obvious enemies, you should also beware of the hidden ones. Disgruntled vassals may plot against you. Relatives can also pose a threat and mark your place.

You don't have to use weapons to deal with internal enemies. You can try to infect them with an incurable disease, for example. Or if it's a warrior send him on a campaign where he can die.

The game is very addictive, partly because it is a simulation of ordinary life in its own way and there are very unexpected twists here. Relations with others become more interesting with time than conquests and state affairs.

Crusader Kings 3 download for free on PC, it will not work, unfortunately. You can purchase the game on the Steam gaming portal or on the official website.

Start playing right now, but be careful, the game can drag you out for a long time!

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