Crying Suns

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Crying Suns tactical rogue-lite game. Graphics in a unique style, the game looks beautiful. The voice acting is of high quality, the music is not intrusive, it helps to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game.

The plot is interesting and this is not surprising, because the developers were inspired when creating the Dune and Foundation universe.

In this game, you are the admiral of the space fleet and your task is to investigate the cause of the fall of the empire that previously controlled a large sector of space. Each sortie to unfamiliar planets is fraught with risk, you will need to make an effort to complete the mission successfully.

After you pass a little training, a lot of interesting things await you:

  • Explore space
  • Find resources to increase your fleet and build new ships
  • Learn technology
  • Command a fleet in space battles

While doing these things, don't forget to complete the main tasks. The plot is divided into 6 chapters, each of which requires an individual approach to complete the tasks.

The game was originally released for desktop PCs, and after the success it was adapted for portable consoles and mobile devices. This project is a hit and has received prestigious awards. I am very pleased that it has become possible to play games of this level on mobile devices. Optimization is good, hardware requirements are not too high. There will be no problems even if your device has an average performance.

The passage will take you a long time. The developers have prepared more than 300 story events, but there is something to do in addition to the story. By spending time exploring every corner of space available in the game, you will get the opportunity to stay longer in the company of your favorite characters and make it easier for yourself to further progress through the experience and resources gained.

Even when you complete the game completely, you can continue to play Crying Suns. Just go through it all over again. The sector of space available to you is generated anew each time, therefore there are no two completely identical passages.

The combat system is turn-based, you will probably be familiar with it. You alternately with the enemy make moves by moving combat units across the field divided into hexagonal cells. A similar scheme is used in many games and it is extremely clear. During the battle, you will be able to use special moves to support your troops or inflict damage on the enemy.

Internet connection is not required to play. It is enough to download the files once and you can play while being anywhere, even where there is no coverage from the telecom operator or wifi connection.

Crying Suns download for free on Android, unfortunately, will not work. You can purchase the game on the developer's website or on Google play.

There is also good news, it is enough to pay once. There are no loot boxes, in-game purchases and other not always honest ways to lure your money out here.

Start playing now to find out the circumstances of the fall of the empire and subjugate a huge sector of space!

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