Crystal Saga

Alternative names: Crystal Saga

Game Crystal Saga is a browser- MMORPG game. It is not only open to you limitless virtual world, but also demonstrate a detailed and fascinating story. Gamers CS game can participate in one of a variety of daily activities and competitions. You can choose one of five classes, then fight with the monsters, and may want to find the treasure, or have a pet.

Before playing Crystal Saga , make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, RAM -1GB Video Card - 128MB. Join in the game Crystal Saga will not take much of your time and easy:

1. On the main page, select the item « sign up »; [ _17_]

2. Enter your username,

3. Enter a secure password and repeat it;

4. Please enter a valid e-mail;

5. Write your date of birth;

6. select « Submit » and Crystal [_3_ ] Saga registration is over.

Crystal Saga online gives you the opportunity to explore the world of treasures, look for valuable items and take the lives of monstrovv chat with your friends. In Crystal Saga will be very interesting to play, because the game is a huge hit in China, because it gives the opportunity to learn Chinese culture and history.

Graphically, the game is based on Crystal Saga colorful anime style, from nature, and monsters and finishing equipment. To some extent, the game may attract most players up to 25 years. In terms of gameplay Crystal Saga online is interesting and exciting.

Immediately after logging in, players become students to get a quick pumping experience for their reward. After finishing some important stages Crystal Saga online , play will begin to explore dungeons and fight. It should be noted that all the quests are closely linked to the main storyline CS game. For example, if you want to pass the daily quests such as Blessed Bath, for example, you should follow the rules of the game Crystal Saga online , to finish the quests. Like most free Asian Games, the game Crystal Saga also includes automatic calculation of the trajectory of the system in which gamers need only click the target NPC to your destination. CS game blends well with the environment, especially the fantasy sequences (maps) with the participation of your heroes.

Each class possesses certain skills (Bright Stream, Shadow, Triple blow), you can learn, so play the game Crystal Saga is captivating. You can not worry if a mistake in choosing the date of your skills development. You will be given the opportunity to reset the skill points in the near future CS game. After receiving a new skill you can use your mouse to drag it to the Quick Access Toolbar, and your skills will be in the bottom of the screen for quick access. When you fight with the monsters, your attack will automatically be used in the game Crystal Saga. You can place whatever attack skill slot by default.

One of the coolest features game Crystal Saga - an opportunity for all the characters to have a pair of wings in the battle. These wings, you can update and use to further improve the performance of the hero.

If you are seriously injured or dead in Crystal Saga online , you have two choices: to be reborn on site (crystal) or revive yourself in the nearest town for free.

In browser MMORPG game Crystal Saga online you visit a unique world. Open and explore a wide range of items and weapons. Adjoining groups and destroy the barbarians and wild beasts, having received the equipment and glory. When you tame pets available, they will help in the fight game Crystal Saga.

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