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Game Royale game whether a shooter, or dining.As a result of the union of the Latvian developer Darkflow Software and the Russian publisher Gaijin Entertainment, in the summer of 2018 born game Cuisine Royale. The project was successful in all senses, as indicated by the millions of downloads in just a week of its stay on the market. Anyone familiar with the Enlisted shooter about World War II will easily recognize in the new product one of the gameplay modes. Indeed, gamers liked it so much that they persuaded the authors to create a separate toy based on it. It did not take long for the developers to beg, and soon she was presented at the E3 exhibition. Cuisine Royale can be downloaded for free, although you will have to buy add-ons, as always happens with the free-to-play system.

The Royal Kitchen operation begins. The first thing that gets fun is the humor with which the developers approached its creation. Just imagine how adult men, armed with pans, dressed in collar helmets, flak jackets, wok, with tied to the body waffle irons in their pants in a cherry run across the field, fighting with each other. The picture is quite funny, but it should not be forgotten that the events are developing serious.

Having started playing Cuisine Royale, you have to go through a survival school. The project was developed in the royal battle genre, when the participants of the simulator need to become the only survivor. The bottom line is that the fighters are on the site with clear boundaries, which are gradually compressed. It is important to always remain in the active circle, because beyond its limits the hero begins to lose vital signs. As a result, there is less and less shelter, competition for artifacts increases, it becomes easier to finish off the enemy, but at the same time the danger of being a victim increases. To become a member of the epic battle, you need to download the game Cuisine Royale. Now the most interesting character creation. Arm the hero and choose uniforms. Particularly amusing pants with a trendy print of sponge, cherry, polka dot and so on. By the way, if you unite with other gamers in a small squad, the drawing can become an identifying mark of its own. There are three game modes:

  • Single
  • Parking with another player
  • In a team of up to 4 participants

Magic items to help you.No one plot is complete without auxiliary things, and here they too exist. For example, pink fluffy slippers, rabbits will be useful. They will not only effectively complement the outfit, but also double the height of the jump. As you can see, playing Royale's game will be fun, so keep looking for artifacts that will help you survive and see what else the authors have prepared.

Among useful artifacts, instead of traditional first-aid kits, you will find droppers that restore lost health. Forces will give fried chicken, pizza and bakery products. Special charisma gives a cigar, reinforcing the ability to resist enemy attacks. We also come across bags of ammunition and weapons, including traditional grenades, machine guns and pistols of the American, German and domestic types. But since Cuisine Royale iPlayer is not an ordinary game, kitchen utensils are often encountered in addition to classic weapons. It is necessary to mention that the game Kuzin Royal guarantees 100% honest Luthboxes each finder becomes the full owner of the contents of the found refrigerator. Each has his own little assistant-minion, who is involved in the work when moving from the first-person mode to the third.

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