Cyber ​​Monster

Alternative names: Cyber ​​Monster

Game Cyber ​​Monster - great project for a class of free time. If you want to give yourself to relax and not think about anything, you need this is the game. Simple but yet interesting and well drawn, and having a plot. Our verdict - great "a casual" game. Looking at the schedule, you might think that this project is for the little ones. However, growns have repeatedly admitted that Cyber ​​Monster helps them relax at the computer after a hard week of work.

History of Cyber ​​Monster online fun and exciting. It tells us about the world, to which hundreds of years ago hunted Dark Dragon. Dragon went to the continent and spread throughout the land of the pieces of their anger. So he wanted to establish control on the ground of evil forces. The more creatures on the continent infected by "anger", the greater the danger of exposed inhabitants of the continent. All races that exist in the world, decided to unite to defeat the spell of an evil dragon. They follow the implementation and in the end all the good people of the world manages to save his world from evil. But the prophecy says that the Dark Dragon can wait a hundred years ...

Because this game online, it is definitely to start gameplay Cyber ​​Monster registration is required. So far, the project does not provide for adaptation interface for Russian users, but all control are presented simply, so as to deal with the peculiarities of the game, and with the principle of form filling, will be easy.

To registration process has started, you will need to follow the link «Start game», located in the left upper part of the game.

It will open a registration form, filling in that, you can begin to play Cyber ​​Monster. You will need to enter your username and password for new user registration.

If desired, every beginner can use to login to your project data in one of the social networks. So, you will be able to register using an account in Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Paypal, which can significantly speed up the registration process.

By signing up, you can start playing the game Cyber ​​Monster. One hundred years have passed and the evil Dark Dragon raises its head again. Humanity is experiencing a period of terrible mutation. And decide to fight with the enemy Angels, a group that led to Sentinel to travel.

Each player will be available to choose from different classes of characters, among which there are:

Warriors. Have extreme power and force, all the fights they hold leading positions. They are able to impress even the most powerful enemy.

Magee. These characters have incredible magical powers. They can hit any enemy forces, but at the same time own defense - their weak spot.

Priests. These heroes are able to heal their teammates and support them in battle.

Rangers. Travelers with experience. They find it difficult to be a long time in one place.


Hurry! It will be interesting, besides play free Cyber ​​Monster can be anyone.

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