Alternative names: Czarcraft

It is one thing to develop a good strategy, and the other to realize it. What you need to do? The answer is simple, good tactical developments. If you feel good strategist and want to improve your tactical skills mean Tsarkraft game online - this is the way to achieve this goal.

Join in the game Tsarkraft not cause you too much difficulty, it is even very interesting and fascinating process

• first select the sex of the character

• race

• Class

• one of three images

• think out login

• eight-digit password

Tsarkraft online registration is completed after you choose one of four possible graphics settings and write below a valid email address and press the "register". During the first game, you may have problems with loading pages - do not worry, this is the game adapts to your system and loads your data, this problem will help solve common reload the page (by pressing F5). Do not be afraid - your data will be saved. Register Tsarkraft completed, now forward to fight!

To Tsarkraft in play, your computer does not have to meet any special requirements, as it is - a browser game. The only thing you need is:

• Flash Player

• does

• connection to the Internet.

Tsarkraft online has many diverse and interesting options. During the registration process you will see a variety of different characteristics of your new character. Play the game online can Tsarkraft as one of seventeen different races

• cunning and diplomatic person,

• pure High Elf

• outcast Dark Elf

• Uncommitted six-fingered and Semi-Elf

• Kids magicians skeleton bones

• nimble Wood Elf

• conflict-Troll

• unshakable and harsh Orc

• eternally hungry Zombies

• crazy magicians Leach

• incorporeal Ghost

• daughter and queen of the forest Dryads,

• soulless machine Golem

• dexterous Vampires

• ardent Demons

• the most powerful sorcerers Archons

• fire-breathing dragon.

Online game Tsarkraft provide you with a wide range of classes for your character:

• savage warriors Barbara

• Brave Warriors

• heavily armed Witcher

• porazhateli minds Hramoviki

• cruel Werewolves

• fighting hermit monks

• warriors is pure paladin

• harmless but dangerous priests

• assassins Ninja

• Wind Tamer Wizards

• Hunter's Mark

• shadow warriors Rolling Stone

• armored death knights

• speak with the spirits of Shamans

• owners magic shadow Necromancers, n

• ositeli undercover forest Druids

• travelers to other worlds Tamers

• know the secrets of elemental mages.

Tsarkraft online game begins with the fact that you are on the island of extraordinary Safna. Follow the instructions in the lovely girls and starts to crush enemies and other monsters. At the second level of the game you will be able to improve some characteristics of your character. Explore the island and defeat all enemies.

Tsarkraft online help develop your character more skills in parallel. Many soldiers in the game can use several types of weapons, depending on the situation. In addition, the game boasts uncharacteristic for other games weapon - a hybrid: bayonet rifles, broad swords or heavy axes.

Play the game online Tsarkraft very interesting and exciting. The game gives quests Islands Safna, Abode and White Fang with a plurality of sub-quests, tasks and intricate hot battles. The game also has a large system of various artifacts, which captured the extra power you get. Also Safna island, you will also fight on the ancient and magical island Pier, home to many different magicians. Unlike Safny where in most cases, residents are engaged in fishing, on the Feast live traders and doctors.

Play Tsarkraft entertaining and useful not only for the development of the tactical skills, and for the rest of the mortal world around us. Feel the power of the true kings!

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