Alternative names: Dar Bogov, Gift of the Gods

Gift of the Gods Online - a free multiplayer online role-playing game that is a worthy gaming product pipeline. The game takes place in a special magical world of Dar. This world is on the brink between life and death, because its residents recently experienced unprecedented destructive power in its disaster named "Kara." In this world there is fighting among themselves deities right and left hands.

Join in the game Gift of the Gods is very simple and will not take much of your time. All you need to do - is to enter a user name and password for access to the game and your email address, which later you will get a notice that the registration completed gift from the gods. After this, you will need to choose their own patron god, who is a real mentor. The choice of this depends very much on the path of becoming and your character. Left Hand gods - gods of evil forces, death, eternal suffering and terrible cruelty. In contrast to them, the gods Right Hand - gods of harmony, goodness and justice. Depending on the chosen side, before you open the opportunity to become a disciple of the Virgin, or the Feast of the Defender, or else Terror Destruction or sorrow, if you decide to choose the path of the left hand. It is important to remember that the choice of the patron can make only once.

Play Gift of the Gods will, without exception, every, because the game is quite demanding on the specifications of your personal computer. All you need - a computer with a browser connected to the World Wide Web.

Pleasantly pleased graphic component in the game. It will be appreciated by even the most experienced players. Characters and buildings drawn in great detail, and the beauty of the locations can not stop wondering, even after many hours of play. In sum, all of which are components of a wonderful atmosphere in which involuntarily immersed starting to play. A feeling as if you are in truth get in this most wonderful magical world.

Gift of the Gods online game that will please every player interesting and quality-designed combat system. So, victory in battle depends on how well you combine the known types of attacks you or special skills of the character. Another important aspect is that, under the auspices of any deity passes scramble. In the beginning, struggling with his peers opponents, largely decides the outcome of battle luck, but with the development of your character, you get more and more control over your combat effectiveness of contractions. Should not just ignore the fact that the wearing of your character, because this depends directly on the amount of damage which will be reflected through quality chain mail or a good helmet.

The main feature of the game is the presence of so-called gifts - special abilities received character if he follows the path of his immaculately patron god. Each of the gods gives order to his followers is a unique set of "gifts." Through this play the game online very interesting gift from the gods.

Currencies that game Gift of the Gods provides online character - a silver coin. For them, you have the opportunity to purchase for his ward diverse equipment and weapons. Silver also can be spent on other useful and important things in the hero's journey. The gift of the gods to play becomes more interesting with each new level taken, because with increasing character, steadily increasing its many characteristics, such as, for example, attack or defense.

Online game Gift of the Gods - is all that is necessary for anyone who wants to relax not only the body but also the soul and get a lot of pleasure from online entertainment. And even more so if you started playing the game Gift of the Gods with their comrades, there is no doubt that the charge of good feelings for a long time the game is provided to you!

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