Dark Swords

Alternative names: Dark Swords

Dark Swords online - this is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (free mmorpg). In the fantasy world of online game Dark Swords, you will be confronted with the confrontation of brute force and magic powers of darkness and light, as well as order and chaos.

In order to join the Darkswords game, you need to go check Dark Swords. The first thing you need to do is create an account and upload your character ofsayta game client. Let's look at the creation process:

1) Choose your race (race determines susceptibility to various spheres of activity): Orcs, Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Drow;

2) determine the image of the character (it's appearance, in which everyone can see it): Three male and three female;

3) Choose the initial characteristics (they play a major role in the career of the character): Strength, Constitution, Dexterity and Intelligence;

4) Choose weapons: sword, ax, spear and knife;

5) Choose the starting city (hence you start your game): Seastone, Fort Arkijah and rubies.

Identification Register in the game Dark Swords is finished and you start the game. On your first entry into the online game Dark Swords, the character gets to the center of your chosen city - the location "Stairway to Heaven." Equip your character training set uniform, gets at least start the healing potions. In the future, your character when you exit the game, saved, where the game was over for the last time.

Play the game Dark Swords Online, you can engage in various crafts: Alchemy, Fishing, Agrokultura Genetics ...

Dark Swords online game allows you to purchase weapons, equipment and clothing, as well as restock healing potions or sell their trophies - all you can do in stores and other retail locations, which in the game a lot .

In stores, online game Dark Swords, there Guild and school, where after raising its combat level your character can receive training and gain new skills, spells and settings (increase combat level occurs automatically when a certain amount of experience at the current level).

To store items and money for your character in the game Dark Swords, there are hotels and banks, which are abundant in major cities and towns game Dark Swords.

Play online game Dark Swords, you can go far, but safe navigation by ships and special locations called "Port".

A significant aspect of the gameplay in Dark Swords, are PvP battles, for which there exists location Arena. Feature of the Arena is a fair fight without interference. Simultaneously in the Arena can be no more than two players or groups of players.

Play Dark Swords, you can become acquainted with the three schools of combat magic and accordingly three elements: Fire, Cold and Lightning. Fighting spells at the expense of "resistance" or other elements, depending on several parameters, levels of training, equipment and guilds.

In the world of Dark Swords, there are so-called Religious Skills (their 3 types). Rising Religious skills, you get access to religious sites, which give opportunity to get unique skills that greatly improve the capabilities of your character.

In Dark Swords play Clans can be formed (joined the clan can participate in clan wars and get a bonus, as well as capture and control territory, getting in his own clan or gold trophies from the territories controlled). In Dark Swords is done automatically every day tournaments (here you can access the store alchemy "Gold Bank" and win a prize).

In Dark Swords have a chance to buy pets (Familiar): fox, wolf and Pallas. But note that Familiars need your care, payment for which will be theirs dedication and skill with which they will assist you in battle.

At the conclusion of the review, we can say that in Dark Swords game will be interesting, since there are many different quests, locations, missions, there is even the possibility to fasten the knot hearts of two lovers. Registration Coming Dark Swords, you can try it all. Become part of this game!

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