DC Universe Online

Alternative names: DC Universe Online

DC Universe game - the most popular game with a gripping storyline and a huge variety of the most exciting ways. Idea for MMORPG company Sony Online Entertainment had learned of the popular comic book. This implies that actors who here met, all have long been known. You will be able to beat as superheroes or supervillains. This is a typical fight between good and evil. And which side to choose - listen to your heart and determine for yourself. If not this eternal confrontation, inhabitants of the fairy world toiled to idleness. But DC Universe Online awaits you an incredible amount of interesting quests, hot clashes between real players, unscrupulous bots underfoot , which every now and then you need to put in place, namely ruthlessly destroyed. Also you always have to follow the development of the character cares about decent weapons, develop a variety of peaceful occupation, learn magic and martial arts. Dynamic development swallow you in their whirlwind! Calling DC Universe Online free to give pleasure to their users.

DC Universe Online registration will take you into a colorful world. You must create an account by filling out the following fields: player name, a password confirmation e-mail address, date of birth, country. Also this should answer the question, where did you first hear about the game. Then, place a checkmark that want to keep abreast of all the news and agree with the rules of the game. DC Universe registration is completed after clicking the appropriate button.

To play the game DC Universe You need to be sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements necessary for gameplay. The following configuration will be suitable

- Operating system Windows XP/Vista/7;

- CPU cycles Intel Pentium 4 @ 3. 0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3200 +,

- Card nVidia GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800;

- Video RAM 256 Mb;

- DirectX compatible sound card;

- 30 Gb of free hard disk space;

- RAM 1 Gb.

Getting into the game, a beginner must take several decisions. You do not just choose the party for whom you fight, but superpowers for permanent use, which eventually need to be improved. Game DC Universe Online offers magic, gadgets, fire control, ice, nature or reason. Word for you! The direction that you like the most and will be responsible for overall tactics applied in the process of passing the gameplay. Then you need to specify how you would like to move. There are three options. This classic flying, fast running, acrobatic stunts.

There is also a division into classes. Controllers, healers, tanks, DPS - that's four classes to which you can belong. However, only the DPS is available to anyone wishing to become. Other classes have certain limitations. Well, for example, tanks, fans can be either fire or ice.

Do not worry about that will not be able to understand the key points DC Universe online. Experienced coaches are ready to come to your aid. Here there is a Joker, and Bettman, and Superman, and Lex Luthor and other helpers, giving valuable advice. Become a disciple of one of them to comprehend the laws of survival in a troubled world.

Regarding weapons arsenal in the game is pretty impressive. Are available and dvoruchnye, and one-handed subjects, and rifles, and knives, and bows. These are just simple examples. In fact, the choice is very solid, and you have the opportunity to try many deadly gizmos.

Whole rigmarole began because the dark forces decided to gain power and to seize the land. But fierce resistance led to the light that broke out a brutal war, which also delayed. Known someone who wins, but everyone is ready to fight to the death. And if you can DC Universe play without surrendering whether to persist until the last?

You Begin training mission. Is it that you find yourself unconscious on the space station. When he regained consciousness, you realize that you need to get out of here. But your path to freedom is complicated by clashes with monsters. You are on the go master the fighting techniques and bulldozing their way from the vile creatures. After finishing the test, you are transported into Gotham city populated superpersonazhami. Depending on which faction you belong to can go to the police station, or a nightclub.

Which style is most suitable for you to play DC Universe - again the choice is yours. If you are not very sociable, single mode is exactly what you need. If you crave communication and friendly environment, join the league. In this case, all the achievements will be consistent. Remember, no obyazalovka not! You are free to do your own convenience!

Whoever you are, you have some of the characteristics that require pumping. Обратитевниманиенаследующийсписокпунктов: Health, Power, Might, Precision, Defense, Toughness, Dominance, Restoration, Vitalization, Critical Attack Chance and Damage, Critical Healing Chance and Effect Stealth Rating. The higher your level, and 30 in their game, the more opportunities. Skills are improving gradually, with time getting high.

The game will captivate you from the first steps! Dear adventurers, you certainly will be pleased! Good luck!

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