Alternative names: DDTank

Game DDTank - browser based incremental PvP shooter, based on the comics, cartoons. The game DDTank online you will have the opportunity not just to create your own character, but also to all his rounds and the fifth lvl you have the opportunity to create your guild.

Before you start to play DDTank stands still check availability in your PC minimum system requirements:

  • Average PC settings;
  • Connection to the Internet;
  • Keyboard;
  • Mouse.

Perhaps, if there is, then you can start the game. That's just the game just will not get. Like everywhere need to pass the formalization in the gameplay. DDTank registration will not take you quite a lot of time, and only spray you desire to play. Do not forget to check only the specified data

1. Visit the official website of the game DDTank;

2. Go to the section - play for free;

3. Have the option of registering in the social network Facebook;

4. If you choose another registration option, continue to include your name or address of your current e-mail address;

5. Invent and write down your password,

6. If you do not have an account, then go to another window by clicking on the question about the account;

7. Specify the month, day and year of your birth;

8. Code listed beside the register;

9. , Click on the box - play.

Once you get into the game, you have to create an image of your character completely. At your disposal facial features, clothes, sex, and even weapons you'll continue to create for yourself, if desired. Weapons will also be provided to you, it will be both modern and ancient times. Understandably effects in battle, they will have different.

Creators of the game at your disposal give several modes of combat.

The most interesting thing that you have the opportunity, even a wedding. And to do that with this proposal wedding ring your vending second half. And not just for a holiday you and your significant other will get combat experience.

Do not worry difficulties you will not, because from the very beginning of the game you will have a guide who all show and tell in detail. Can rely on him, most importantly, be careful.

Will appear in front of you card with a large selection of buildings, on which you'll travel.

Also here there is a game currency

  • Gold;
  • Voucher;
  • Medals;
  • VP.

Gold - the most common coins. Spending it on SPA, and receive for carrying out missions.

Voucher - also issued for the implementation of the mission, but spend in the shops. Advised them to save.

Medals - prepared for their missions, and it is recommended to spend on the rocks and energy.

VP - important points. This is your real money translated in play money.

Game DDTank many game items slots with which you will be introduced during the game.

You have realized that you can play in DDTank free, but some elements of the game require the actual purchase.


Play online game DDTank pretty entertaining as the game has an interesting graphics and good music at the same time with steep sound effects.

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