Dead Island

Alternative names: Dead Island

Game Dead Island is an exciting computer game, in which the actions take place in the first person. This game is designed in the style of Survival horror, which uses role-playing elements of the shooter.

Download Dead Island you can with the official game site. Download game Dead Island may only grown users, ie is those who have a full eighteen years.

You have a unique opportunity to see the game Dead Island video. The site contains a huge number of videos about the game. In them you can learn a lot of useful information: gameplay, missions, weapons, characters and opponents.

Play Dead Island you will be familiar with all the characters:

1. Xian Mei is an employee of the resort "Royal Palm". It is extraordinarily intelligent and a great athlete. Once she got to the island, it would need to be responsible for many missions. Mei Xiang quickly and brutally fights zombies cold weapons.

2. Sam B is practically the former star of the show-business. He was once this rap star. Now he went to the resort to perform the song, which could well save his career. He kills monsters too cold steel.

3. Logan Carter is once the real star of American football. In the end, his successful career ended. One case of his life put an end to his career. It had a huge impact on his life. Logan is dipped in a great depression. He's a great hitter using projectile weapons.

4. Parn is a former officer of the police department in Sydney. Her career ended after she decided to protect her daughter from his official same. He wanted to rape his daughter, and she shot him. After this incident, she became a hired bodyguard. Worldwide it protects people. At a high level, it possess different kinds of weapons, especially firearms.

In-Game Dead Island Weapon divided into several types:

1. Melee Weapon: sharpened and blunt.

2. Improved weapon - a weapon for some achievements.

3. Improvised weapons - it bombs, mines and other explosive special machinery.

Each weapon can break, wear out and it can be repaired.

In-Game Dead Island pc You will meet a large number of opponents:

1. Bums are classic undead. It itself is very slow and clumsy. They have low health. Tramps meet as represented both women and men in the face.

2. Infected - they are aggressive and fast. They have less health than normal zombies, but beat faster, it is very difficult to attack. They are presented in the form of women and men. Possess weapons, but bad methane.

3. Bullies are muscular zombies rise two meters. They cause a lot of damage, although very slow. They can all be found everywhere and they are very resistant to damage.

4. Suicide - is evil zombies whose body was blistered. They better not to attack at close range.

5. Rams are massive zombie who are dressed in a great costume. They are very resistant to damage. Weak spot they head.

Dead Island game, which will introduce you to other opponents.

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