Deepolis - underwater shooting

Alternative names: Dipolis

Online game Dipolis - free browser based strategy game with three-dimensional graphics. BigPoint company developed an original project of its kind that has significant advantages in the current online games. Play Deepolis'll dive into the depths of the underwater space. That's how the world of the future after global warming. Become the owner of the submarine and go on to win it expanses of the ocean will help Deepolis online registration.

System requirements for the game are minimal:

• Processor Pentium 3, 1GHz

• 16MB video card

• at least 128 MB RAM

• Operating system - XP / Vista / Windows 7

• Internet access

• browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera

Register Deepolis uncomplicated process. It will not take much time, since downloading and installing the game is not required. Join in the game Deepolis require you to enter the following data:

1) Nickname - make up a name under which you play;

2) Use a password that must be repeated for reliability in the next line;

3) E-mail address - for feedback;

4) Selection gaming server (provided Europe1, Test server Europe2, Amerika1)

5) Date of birth;

6) Your consent to the terms and conditions of the game.

After completing the registration form, click on the Register button and Dipolis online will make you unique inhabitant of the underwater world. Immersed to a depth, you can choose one of the three castes, who are fighting not only for survival, but also the power to the sea space.

Provides online game Deepolis decide what is more to the liking of the following cast:

• Nauta (Nauten)

• Siona (Scion)

• Dzhafnary (Jafnhar)

Nauta - neutral cast, dealing with trade and research. They are descendants of the scientists who managed to survive. Peaceful faction that possesses the most balanced boats are allowed to trade on any enemy stations castes.

In Zion the strongest defensive system. These highly cultured residents of the underwater kingdom equipped their boats protected. They can swim close to the stations Nauta and cooperate with them. But territory dzhafnarov them better not to approach, as the latter would open fire without warning.

Dzhafnary aggressive and militant configured. Their overall boat can accommodate lots of equipment. Nuclear technology is their main interest. Also addicted to oil development. This caste is available to trade with find, but from hostile Zion better to stay away.

Dipolis game has a well-developed economic system. You are going to swim in water resources, which can then be sold. For successful transactions need to examine the process of price fluctuations in commodities. Still in the game there is such a thing as a spare, to help Deepolis play much more interesting.

System PvP (player confrontation system) is quite simple. Deepolis online arsenal consists of:

• acoustic guns

• torpedoes

• bombs

Choosing goal defeat, do your best to shoot him. Victory brings combat points, which you assigned rank. Rivals are not only people, but the monsters that live in the underwater space.

Play the game Deepolis online is possible using these combat modes:

• Battle castes and clans

• headhunting

• mode intelligence

Be careful, danger lurks around every corner and at any moment it can happen that you have to defend yourself. After route runs through enemy bastions and fortresses. Remember, the more your clan is the safer feel, but with the same battle in which enter more ambitious.

Deepolis online game accommodates various quest tasks for which performance will accrue resources, game currency and even modules for the ship. Tasks are organized so that you get requests to perform economic, research and military missions.

Currency online games Deepolis divided into:

• Took

• Helix

Prevalence villages, it also serves to purchase items. A Helix is ​​a premium currency, earn that much harder.

Play online game Deepolis possibly moving to levels almost indefinitely. Some players even go up to level 100, but it is not chapel. Newbies can be difficult to settle or make any choice. Suppose decide on group affiliation. But do not bother at this. In such matters, the game is loyal and already at the 5th level, there is the opportunity to move to another clan. With each level become stronger and wiser. What at first was weak, such as weapons used, it becomes perfect. So it's safe to strive forward, and, maybe, you set a new record!

Join the inhabitants of the underwater universe and enjoy the colorful gameplay games, travel in three dimensions, a variety of actions performed! The unique idea of ​​the game is sure to impress! Let luck remains faithful companion!

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