Defenders of Ardania

Alternative names: Defenders of Ardania

Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon 64 3 GHz


Video: 256 MB of memory

Disk Space: 1 GB



Defenders of Ardania - a strategy game that combines the principles of classic turn-based strategy genre and popular modern defense towers. Defenders of Ardania 2012 takes us in a very cheerful place game universe and never live in peace. Every day there is something out of the ordinary and defenders Ardanew constantly fighting with the invasions of the demons attack the terrible beasts, and even wakes eternal evil. At the next scourge poor people rushing at full speed to his king for help. In Defenders of Ardania 2012 pc new scourge became undead hordes that creeps out of the woodwork and poor peasants had no way can cope with the dead come alive, which means that good, but just ruler should again take the sword in hand and go camping for the salvation of his people.




Defenders of Ardania 2012 pc is a cross between conventional "turrets" and a simple strategy of indirect action. Unusual for classical strategies very successfully merged into Defenders of Ardania, where you can not only defend their territory, but also to conduct swift counterattacks and massive attacks, which will guarantee the imminent victory. The developers decided to give a little more freedom and opportunities to equalize the player with his computer opponent. In Defenders of Ardania 2012 player can build numerous fortifications, and send to storm the enemy base a huge amount of his troops after watching this - reach those or not, because the enemy does not sleep and builds his own defense with the utmost care, so that tight cavalry assaults redoubts not penetrate.


Battle without fighting


Of course, the enemy will not wait for your offensive and send its troops to conquer your stronghold, here we will have to wait for the first surprise - the marching troops, moving towards each other, cute and ceremoniously pass by without even entering into a little hassle. Attacking troops in protective measures do not participate strongly, giving this occupation at the mercy of your fortifications, and their main task - to break the enemy's defenses. All combat units are made in compliance with all canons defense towers, under your control gets several types of troops than combat performance, simply put, some troops will run fast, the second batter, and others will be able to destroy enemy fortifications. Build countless units Defenders of Ardania is not given, which uses a strict limit, however, dying on enemy troops redoubts, will allow you to access another portion of production "cannon fodder" and wave after wave you'll destroy the enemy to strengthen the full and unconditional victory . At one level, you will give to the aid of a unique unit, hero capable of use on the battlefield its powerful ability. Distinguish the hero on the battlefield will not be hard, as it will greatly stand out from the crowd is incredibly large in size. As for protection, from level to level, you will get more and more opportunities to improve your rabies, it will need gold coins. The economic model of the game is simple to horror and to do something special for earnings of Finance is not required - the money will accumulate automatically, you also have to spend it wisely only.

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