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Deflector is a very unusual action RPG that you can play on PC. The graphics are bright and colorful in a cartoon style. The game is sounded well, the music energizes for battles with crowds of enemies.

Conquer the worlds by adapting the combat abilities of the hero for these purposes.

Your character's main weapon is the ability to reflect bullets and projectiles fired at him. But to reflect some ammunition, it will be necessary to adapt the properties of the armor.

Playing Deflector is interesting, there is no time to be bored:

  • Explore new worlds and their inhabitants
  • Find out the weaknesses and strengths of enemies and learn how to counter them
  • Use mutations to change the parameters of your fighter
  • Destroy enemies with their own weapons and conquer entire planets

The gameplay is filled with battles. You will have to fight every meter. In the game you will see a variety of worlds and in all these places new enemies will be waiting for you.

Enemies will force you to change your behavior on the battlefield and improve the defensive and offensive properties of equipment.

Viruses are not always harmful, in this game you can make them useful. Research viruses to add new modules and mutations to your arsenal. Make the main character's biological shield reflect projectiles fired at it with greater force.

You will have to go through hundreds of battles in various conditions against numerous enemies. The battles look very spectacular, and the projectiles fired are capable of demolishing anything in their path. You can't win this game without fail. Each failed attempt will give you additional experience and help you unlock mutations and active modules necessary for victory. It is not always possible to find the correct option from the first attempts, sometimes it takes quite a lot of time. Do not give up and sooner or later you will be able to change your character in order to defeat even the most powerful enemies. Defeat all the enemies you can on your way. As soon as you face a situation in which you cannot win, accumulate experience, this will allow you to gain access to new mutations and open the way further.

Not all enemies in each world have the same strength, the further you advance the more powerful creatures oppose you. All local fauna will fight against you. In the finale of the main character, the most difficult fight with a unique super-virus will await. This battle will require you to use all your abilities, but defeating such powerful enemies brings the most useful abilities to the player's arsenal.

The game is in the early access stage and by the time of the full release it will have even more features, and it will become even more interesting to play.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to download

Deflector for free on PC. You can buy the game on the Steam portal or by visiting the official website of the developers. The price is quite modest, and if you want to buy the game even cheaper, follow the sales.

Start playing now to create a fighter capable of conquering even the most hostile worlds!

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