Destiny Online

Alternative names: Fate Live

Destiny Online - free multiplayer online browser-based game, made in the genre of MMORPG. It would seem that the more you can think of in this industry igroproma, but the developers set sights on these heights, and that is no exaggeration. Destiny online game based on the confrontation of angels and demons.

Registration in Destiny game is simple and understandable for every user. After entering the game name, password and email address, you will need to confirm activation of your game account and character choices will mark that check Destiny completed. Destiny online game in which will not be bored.

Thanks to flash-game engine in the picture looks very vivid and pleasing to the eye animated various amenities and generally makes look closely to each object carefully. What can we say - the designers did their best.

One of the most difficult choices that will appear in front of you at the beginning of the game - who will be the same game your protege - White-winged angel or a ferocious demon. Divine Power of Chaos Army or - agree, quite heavy, but they are not menie interesting choice.

Great, although a little swirling class system boasts characters we play Destiny Online. Fortunately, the forums on the game all the classes described quite meticulously, allowing each player from the very beginning to determine its style of play and develop your character exactly as it is required by specialty.

Task System implemented in the game, first as assistant in-game, thanks to her novices quickly and easily be drawn into the process of the game, and at high levels, completing quests, you can easily earn experience and material rewards in the form of various artifacts. Play the game Destiny Online worth more because it realized an interesting move in relation to the battle system.

Pleasant surprise for many will be that all the battles take place in real-time system, which is not typical browser-based games. Number of armor, weapons and accessories that can carry your character - no words to describe. That's really what the developers put their tight imperious hand and what their bearings in the first place. Of course, we should not discount the game enough, applying various skills that are unique to each class, turning the fight into a serious strategic and tactical goals. Play the game online Destiny is much more interesting if shoulder to shoulder with you fighting your true friends.

Battles in the game are divided into several types: group fighting in the arena, the hunt for different kinds of monsters, duel and racial confrontation. Started playing Destiny, for each of the battles, depending on their mass, complexity and level of the enemy, your character will receive a certain number of points of experience.

It should be noted that the clan system in the game worked best: you can join an existing guild or create your own, gathered under its banner the best players and start a war with the other groups. Clan - is not an empty word, in addition to possession of communication, you can use various clan bonuses, and of course help comrades in false situations.

This game will appeal to many admirers online-RPG, because it contains everything that you need for great entertainment in the gaming world Destiny play in which you do not get bored for a long time. And if you are in an office crowded and uncomfortable sense of adventure still hurts you - start playing and prove to everyone that you are the strongest!

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