Diablo 2

Alternative names: Diablo 2

Diablo 2

Diablo 2 game is a continuation of the first part of the game Diablo. This game is designed in the style of action.

At the beginning of the game you have to choose howl character classes, each of which is characterized by its own abilities and characteristics. Throughout the game you will need to develop his character, to increase its performance. The main objective of the game is to destroy the monster called Diablo. Once you destroy it, you will be given the opportunity to play at a more complex level.

Download Diablo 2 you can from the official website of the game or with a fan-site. You can also play Diablo 2 free download via torrent file.


You can register for free in Diablo 2. To register online, you must specify:

1) his name and gender.

2) E-mail address and date of birth.


Diablo 2 Characters are divided into seven classes. Play Diablo 2 you can use one of the characters:

1) Amazon - has magical powers, knows spells. When the level of health increases faster than manna. Her arms - it spears, darts, bows and arrows.

2) Necromancer - is a character that has necromancy. This gives him the ability to call the dead: skeletons and golems. Also he can use curse that can weaken opponents. They have a high energy level and skill, however, are at a low level - the vitality and strength. Mann increases much faster than health.

3) Barbarian - is a character that uses a combat battle cries. He is strong only in the melee. It is best to cope with two weapons at once. Barbarian can destroy enemies and apply their super-jumping. Energy it is weak, but the strength and vitality are at a high level. Healthcare is growing much faster than the number of mana.

4) Paladin - is a character that has auras. In his order includes protective and offensive aura. Its weapons are powerful blows. Palladin have little energy, but the strength and vitality of the contrary. Health and semolina actually grows equally.

5) Sorceress - is a character that has the elements. She is subject to: lightning, fire and cold. Very high power at the Sorceress energy and agility. However, the strength and vitality are at a low level. Manna by twice than the number of health.

6) Assassin - is a very tricky character. It can cause his shadow and set traps with their spells. Healthcare is growing much faster than the number of mana.

7) Druid - is a universal character. At his command are animals and birds. He can transform into beasts. Besides him subject to two elements: fire and cold. Semolina it grows much faster than health.


And so to start playing, you need to first Diablo 2 game client download, and then install it. And then, the game Diablo 2 will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions that you can share with your friends.

Game Diablo II - only for real, brave gamers.



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