Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo

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Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo An unusual zoo simulator where you can meet real dinosaurs. If you like these prehistoric creatures you should definitely play this game! Here you can play with dinosaurs, find out what they eat and how they live. Cartoon graphics and musical accompaniment will help you have fun in this magical place!

As soon as you start playing Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo you will be notified by email about the success of the Arctic expedition, during which many very cute prehistoric creatures were found. All of them are alive, although they were frozen in ice. Several of them have already been unfrozen and handed over to you to create a wonderful park in which all the inhabitants will feel comfortable. In addition, numerous visitors will be able to admire exotic pets, learn something new about them and buy souvenirs.

In the game you have :

  • Breeding prehistoric dinosaurs
  • Create enclosures for them
  • Feed and clean up after pets
  • Build shops and cafes for the convenience of visitors
  • Create decorations and pears for the inhabitants of the enclosures
  • See with your own eyes how different types of dinosaurs live
  • Hire staff for the zoo

There is also an economic component in the game. After all, you still need to figure out how to attract more visitors, since the maintenance of such fabulous little animals will cost a lot. Decide how many staff you need to hire, but do not overdo it, because each of them will need to pay a salary. It would also be good to guess which enclosures to build first and which species of dinosaurs will attract the most visitors. Place dinosaurs in pairs and soon visitors will be able to admire the cute baby dinosaurs hatched from eggs. Each enclosure has its own cost, and for the arrangement of a habitat for the most exotic pets, you will have to pay a tidy sum. But such inhabitants will attract visitors much more. Visitors sometimes need to be cleaned up, you will have to help the park workers with this.

You can get in-game money and resources by completing various tasks during the game. For example, get a certain number of pets, or build the desired aviary, or maybe decorations. Open several cafes and shops, or simply lay the necessary paths. By completing tasks, in addition to earning points and money, it will be possible to get the rarest inhabitants for your zoo. If you wish, you can make your task easier in the game by spending some real money. This will allow your zoo to develop faster and support the developers of the game.

In addition to the main gameplay, just admire the behavior of the cute zoo inhabitants while spending time playing with them. Moreover, all the inhabitants respond to your every action, every click of the mouse, or touching the display.

Dinosaur Park Primeval Zoo you can download for free by clicking on the link on our website.

Lots of funny exotic zoo inhabitants are waiting for you, start playing right now!

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