Dino Storm

Alternative names: Dino Storm

Dino Storm online - free browser-based multiplayer game about dinosaurs. Creator of spectacular action is a company Splitscreen Studios. What is so interesting prepared us developers? Before you appear captivating pictures in 3D with wildlife and wandering around the neighborhood cowboys saddled dinosaurs. You can sit proudly on one of the dinosaurs and handle laser gun designed to protect against enemies. Travel Dinovillyu promises to be fascinating. Going on an expedition, you should be well prepared, because the danger can lie in wait at every turn. You will visit different places, learn the many canyons. On the way he met bandit clans with which to fight shlestnutsya. Thus, you will earn a fantastic reputation among the inhabitants of the world. Also hiking will bring you more exciting adventures apart and profits. In the environment, it is always possible to get hold of valuable things. Found prey you can either use themselves as intended, or to sell at a return to the city and become even richer. Accumulate gold, makes the feat and try to earn the recognition and ever comes your finest hour! It is possible that over time you will become the sheriff of the city and make all your dreams!

Start gameplay allow Dino Storm registration. Once it is finished, you are transported to the colorful game locations. Incidentally, the registration process is quite simple. You need to enter in special fields email and password. Then take the terms of use and click the "Register". You create an account on the official website of the game or to enter into it through the available social networks (facebook, vkontakte, mail ru, classmates, twitter). Start playing Dino Storm could be anyone. System requirements are low and so are suitable for gameplay even computers with average parameters. So hurry up to join!

So, the game Dino Storm allows you to grow your own dragon and manage it. That's what you prefer first. But gradually you will open an enticing prospect. Since near Dinovillya be many gold mines will come a time when you feel the strength to take over one of them. Just imagine how many can afford, getting gold yourself! But while this is not possible, and you can do banal robberies. Incidentally, when the get rich themselves should be wary of thieves. You will also make useful walk, during which has all good. And you will have all the chances to defend the disputed building and eventually became the owner postavitelnogo camp accumulate wealth plus enjoy an excellent reputation. Whatever you did, starting Dino Storm play, you can do it with your friends. Create a clan and forget all about loneliness. Believe together not only interesting, but also more reliable. Well, how can you not say that you should strive to make a career. Of course, if you do not have ambitions, throw such a venture, and just enjoy the life of prehistoric creatures. But if the idea is to climb over the other players attracts you, strive to win more recognition and try to run for sheriff. Who knows, maybe get lucky? High post entails some privileges. Go for it!

And, of course, we should say a few words about the dinosaurs. Among them are carnivores and herbivores. Each dinosaur is unique, but becoming the owner of any of them, will monitor parameters such as viability, strength and endurance. We list the dinosaur species that are available for taming. This Tyrannosaurus, Tsentrozavr, Brachiosaurus, Karnotavr, Tselofiz, Pahitsefalozavrid and Parazaurolof. To ride one of them - a unique treat! And another surprise, increase the chances of a dinosaur allowed by implants. For example, why not use the implant vitality, strength, agility, endurance, or some other?


You can start Dino Storm play online for free now to experience the thrill. The game is really multifaceted, diverse, dynamic and addictive. And in order to verify this, you just have to visit this world of games! Pleasant experiences!

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