Alternative names: Dishonored

Game Dishonored - a unique pc game created in the genre - action. The game was released in 2012, the year and in a few days spread around the world! In this game a pleasure to play, is very interesting in this game space, incredibly fascinating and intriguing seem any gamer storyline. Dishonored worthy of all praise. Pc game Dishonored guys invented and developed their company - Arkane Studios. Published this game company - Bethesda Softworks. But publisher in Russia, was the company - 1C-SoftKlab.

This game is aimed at a large audience. If you play this game once, you want more and more, more and more often in this game back. So what is it about this game that it gathered million fortune to the company that invented and collected at the monitor screens billions of people around the world? We'll tell you: the storyline is both simple and complex. It is filled with interesting battles and skirmishes between the different characters of the game. The plot itself in this game can not be compared with any game, this game is independent. No analogue, no game, which suddenly could notice the game Dishonored. All events in the game are built gloomy, and as may be otherwise - Millions of people in different cities and localities suffer plague. In cities no usual chain of life, people do not die, not born. There is another cycle - some people get sick with plague, die and are replaced by new people are infected. In all of this universal chaos, perhaps by mistake, killing mistress empire Islands. This murder took place in the central capital of the empire. Because killing mistress Lord bodyguard was badly damaged, it is simply framed. Main character name - Corvo Atta. It is this Lord. The only hope for salvation, young heiress mistress Emily - kidnapped. The game starts with the fact that you wake up in the shoes of Corvo. You will see that you are behind bars in jail where you must escape. First seem that the game greatly tightened, but everything changes after the first few hours of play, when you begin to suggest.

In Dishonored incredibly fun to play. The story itself is just fine thought, recreated the spirit while. Every gamer will feel the terrible events that have befallen this game world. Dishonored game is unique in that it is quite boring. It is really a lot of fun and very insidious things that will want to go.

Always look on the internet Dishonored video, it will help you even more to discover this unique game, and then you can download Dishonored. Go to the game's official website (http://www. dishonored. com /), then you too can find a lot of interesting things.

Finally, I want to say that this game will not leave anyone indifferent. We, of course, are all waiting for the continuation of this unique new game. Bother a bit and you will pass this way in the game to the end! You be able to overpower you! Remember one thing that citizens without you will not cope with misfortune, which swallowed them! Good luck in the game! Begin!

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