Divinity: Original Sin

Alternative names: Divinity: Original Sin
Game Divinity: Original Sin - another original design from Larian Studios. Certainly, the most advanced gamers are already familiar with previous projects range, such as for example Divine Divinity. So, the basic steps in the new project happen in ten years of some sort to the very Divine Divinity (which, it is worth recalling, became the first line of the project, gave, so to say, the start of a new era of gaming). Your character, and along with it, and you fall a crucial role hunter source. So called members of the military guild, which in our modern world could well be called "police magic" or "magical patrol" if you wish. In Divinity: Original Sin pc all the fun begins with the first seconds of the game. Today, all the players have grown accustomed to the fact that cooperative modes actively exploited in all the RPG-shkah made in the style of Diablo, but the multiplayer mode of the game and the possibility of a joint passage in a classic role-based project - this is nonsense. Game managed to combine the latest technological developments with a good old experience. Combination, it is impossible not to stress this, it turned out just great. In the company of friends or like-minded gamers to play Divinity: Original Sin is incredibly interesting. The project drew attention to two fellow companions gripping plots, allowing to implement various schemes and game to try on any role. Want, you can from the first minute to initiate conflict with a partner. It will look quite realistic - you can even fight with each other, if it so happens that passions ran high. This "turn of events" is possible thanks to the full equality of opinions partners. Continue our Divinity: Original Sin review information that there are no major and minor characters. Each situation is individual reaction of the characters. If at some crucial moment happens that the partners can not come to a consensus, players will use the system of persuasion. Citing its own arguments and arguments, you can "entice dissident" on their side, enlisting their support. Or on the contrary - perhaps you can convince your opponent in his own point of view. That's why playing with friends much pritnee. To learn more about the main features of the project, you can only after the gamers will be able to Divinity: Original Sin download. Recall that the official release of the project is scheduled for early 2014. So, the wait is very long. If you want to know what other innovations and features in store for you project, you can see mounted to the Divinity: Original Sin video trailer. In the video describes the maximum amount of benefits, so we are almost sure that after watching it you sign in the number of applicants to first download a new game.
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