Alternative names: Domovyata
Domovyata game is one of the most popular games that you can play in social networks Vkontakte, Classmates, etc. In the game you will play Domovyata grooming his domovenkom: 1) You will need to bathe him. 2) Dress up your character. 3) You will need to give it a name. 4) You will pick up his appearance. 5) Make sure you will have to feed him. The game Domovyata quests are of various kinds: 1) You will need to clean the apartment dust, cobwebs, debris, as well as the missing products. 2) Also, you will need to plant and grow flowers. In addition you will need to buy him furniture. Domovyata online game based on the old Russian tradition, as well as the basis the culture of village life. In this game, the main characters are the Brownie, as well as his special cousin Baba Yaga. In the social network Classmates Domovyata You can collect flowers that you bring food and groshiki: 1. Buttercups: 1 groshik, 1 meal. 2. Cornflowers 2 groshika, 1 meal. 3. Poppies 3 groshika, 1 meal. 4. Bells: 24 groshika, 6 units of food. 5. Irises: 7 groshikov, 3 units of food. 6. Daisy: 12 groshikov, 4 units of food. 7. Daffodils 15 groshikov, 4 units of food. 8. Lilies: 26 groshikov, 6 units of food. 9. Tulips 17 groshikov, 5 units of food. 10. Gerbera: 32 groshika, 5 units of food. 11. Lilies: 30 groshikov, 6 units of food. 12. Roses: 50 groshikov, 4 units of food. 13. Peony: 40 groshikov, 3 units of food. 14. Petunia: 850 groshikov, 20 units of food. 15. Fuchsia: 123 groshika, 10 units of food. 16. Primula: 267 groshikov, 12 units of food. 17. Dahlia: 381 groshikov, 15 units of food. 18. Wanda 1001 groshik, 18 units of food. 19. Flowers hearth 16 groshikov - 3 units of food. 20. Flowers Magic groshikov 16 - 3 units of food. Domovyata game play you will be using a special in-game currency called Ruddy. Get this currency you have the opportunity in many ways. One option is to refill the game to the desired amount. In addition, you can enjoy collecting, for example, to collect frogs, buttercups, dolls, "ivory". Often money is charged under the quests or when switching to a new game level. Every action in the game will take you silushku. Typically, a single action in the game takes you one unit Silushka. When you move to a new level, you will be charged your limit Silushka. Increase their silushku you can by eating food or purchased for Ruddy. Silushka also charged for the collection collection. As an essential element of the game is the food. In exchange for it you can get silushku. Your food, you will also need to create a thread or to pass assignments. You can get a meal in the following ways: If you reach a new level of power. A victory over a harmful creatures. When picking flowers at home or away. When exchanging collections. Domovyata free games give you plenty of enjoyment. You will feel in those days, when they were popular tamogochi.
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