Doodle Farm

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Doodle Farm is the most unusual farm you can play on PC. The graphics are not top-notch, but this can be attributed more to the features of the game than to shortcomings. The selection of music is good, most of the songs do not sound intrusive and appropriate.

In this game, your concern for the farm is to breed new types of animals.

  • Learn to connect different subspecies of mammals, reptiles, fish and birds
  • Create the most incredible creatures for your farm
  • Give all residents the care they need

This farm game is more by name. Playing Doodle Farm is much more interesting than any of the classic farms.

Developers have saved you from routine tasks. There is no need for an endless cycle of planting crops in the fields and harvesting. There is no need to regularly cut trees in the garden. The game is devoid of boring activities. You are left with only creativity.

Merge various creatures to find out the result. The outcome of such a merger is not always predictable. You have a long way of trial and error.

During the game, you will witness many comical situations. Humor is brought not only by curious cases of animal fusion, but also by funny quotes that the developers have prepared for you.

The interface in the game is simple, it will not be difficult to understand the management of both a child and a person of advanced age. In addition, the developers have included an intuitive and simple tutorial in the game to help the players.

At the beginning of the game, you will have only four types of creatures at your disposal, in the course of combining which you will significantly increase the number of inhabitants of your menagerie. The resulting creatures can also be used to merge, creating new combinations.

In total, the game has the ability to recreate more than 135 different creatures. The graphics, although not the most top, but beautiful enough to be able to admire the inhabitants of your menagerie. The interface is like an old parchment with animal icons placed on it, you choose a couple or more, and then the magic happens. Or does not happen, depending on whether you have chosen correctly or not.

There is no rush in the game, you can think about new combinations for as long as you like. It may seem simple, but it only seems so. As you progress, it will become increasingly difficult to find new options for combining.

The game does not need an internet connection. Play anywhere and anytime. If you have a laptop, you can even spend time on the road increasing the list of inhabitants of your magical farm.

You will learn fun facts about each of the inhabitants. All the guests of the farm are real-life animal species and thus you will know more about each of them. It can be very interesting, informative and fun at the same time.

Expert mode is provided for the most advanced players. In this mode, there are practically no hints and you will have to rely only on your knowledge.

Doodle Farm download for free on PC, unfortunately, will not work. The game can be purchased for a very small symbolic amount on the official website or the Steam portal.

Start playing now and see if you can unlock all the inhabitants of the farm!

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