Alternative names: Doom 2016 Dohme 4, Doom 4 Doom 4

Igra Doom: swift and merciless.

V August 2007, John Carmack at the annual QuakeCon tournament in The Dalles mentioned that he was thinking on the development of Doom 4. And because it was an official announcement, it was not just idle fantasies in May 2008. At QuakeCon 2008, John said that the game Doom 4 will surpass the previous series in quality due to reduce the frame rate and improved game engine, but will return to its classical form. Doom 4 was originally a working title, and it was assumed that later will be subtitled, but this did not happen. Moreover the original version was reduced to a simple and concise"Doom". Engaged in the development studio id Software, and the issue of honor awarded Bethesda Softworks, which develops platforms for version:

  • PlayStation 4
  • One Xbox
  • PK

Posledney date of the announcement, excluding emerging videos came in June 2014 and officially download Doom 4 will be in the spring, according to preliminary projections 16. 06. 2016 (release date).

Igrovoy process.

Shuter from the leading face became familiar genre for Doom series. Hero lightning fast moves in space, cracking down on the crowds of demons, enemies. Behind him, a military arsenal, which does not affect the speed of movement of the character, and at any moment he can change the heavy machine guns, rifles, bazookas, rocket launcher, a vortex gun, plasma grenade and other gunshot toys in one motion. There is even a super weapon gauss cannon, sweeping away the enemy firing a shot. There are in gear and edged weapons, along with chainsaw for close attacks, and weakened, wounded monsters can kill with his bare hands. From defeated enemies drop ammo and artifacts that hero certainly picks.

Protivniki also not helpless, and have their own arsenal, so that the blood will be a lot. Poured it be in confined spaces and in open areas, and in order to advance in the game world, it is necessary in addition to shooting distracted by small jobs, but some, to learn where you can download Doom 4. Fans of the game will be using the"Doom SnapMap"to implement their own cards, using them in a variety of multiplayer battles, as well as find which have become a tradition ingrained modes:

  • Dominirovanie
  • Detmatch
  • Komandnaya arena
  • Zahvat flaga

Otpravlyayas the war of Doom on the PC, ready for the crowds of demons that are trying to crush you with its weight. Do not hesitate in choosing the means shoot, push, smash, tear and pursue the enemy. The network continues to play fights, familiar and new modes, which is actively used any firearms, fast response, the instantaneous movement in space, and the use of unique power-ups allow you to turn yourself into a demon, finding new opportunities.

Vygodnaya buy.

V sign of the passing year, the upcoming holidays and the release of the new toys, the company id Software fit of generosity to the players on a magical gift the opportunity to purchase the previous product series with a colossal 75% discount. However, to buy Doom 4 will have to pay the full cost. We can already pre-order on Doom 4, by country and reseller. System requirements:

  • Operatsionnaya System: Windows 7/8. 1 (always 64-bit)
  • Pamyat 8 GB
  • Protsessor: Intel Core i5-2600K with a frequency of 3. 3 GHz | AMD A10-7870K at 4. 1 GGts
  • Versiya: DirectX: 11
  • Vdeokarta: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 | AMD Radeon HD 7850 with memory 2 GB
  • Upravlenie: keyboard, mysh
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